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  1. Well, the thread has found its rightful place. Thanks. I vehemently disagree with the bashing assertion however. Try, guiding...
  2. Hey, I just want to say that I enjoy the way you put your thoughts across, even when we disagree in some of the highly spirited dialogues 😉

    1. TheMoonisMyLantern

      TheMoonisMyLantern, ADN, LPN, RN

      Haha thank you! I always enjoy your posts as well, and enjoy discussing things with you!

  3. Day 1: OMG! I just took the NCLEX today and I think I failed. I’m only here for reassurance from strangers so that I feel good. What’s an easy way of finding out my results? I’ve heard about trying the website with a credit card thing and if it doesn’t accept it, I passed, but I’m not sure. Please give me feedback. I’ve been stressing and praying for the last 2 weeks since I took it. I have a job pending in the CVICU. I hear nurses their eat they’re young. NETY anyone? Oh! I’ve read the most recent evidence-based literature on it and I’m wright on this. If you disagree with my POV you’re just old, jealous, and stuck in your ways. If you correct my perfect grandma, punctuation, incongruence, anachronism, or incoherence, I will conveniently get outraged and cancel you for being an ignorant and bigoted Neanderthal. 2 days later: OMG I passed. I only had 65 questions. The NCLEX ought to be made harder. I can’t believe I went to school for four years and obtained MY BSN just to be reduced to questions about minimum competency. Nursing needs a revolution. 3 days later: OMG! Look at my stats I’m applying to Harvard direct entry online NP Program. What do you guys think? I’ve decided bedside nursing is overrated and not for me. 4 days later: OMG! ALERT! This is a vent post!! (note the redundant exclamation marks!!) I’m on orientation on my 7th job and I hate my preceptor!! She’s so lazy!! I’m doing everything and she’s just at the nurses’ station eating chips, gossiping, and getting fatter! Is it okay if I ask for a new receptor?!? (Are you asking/requesting or demanding?) Oh!! Don’t dare correct me or offer any contrarian POV, I no it all! Lastly, I’ll appreciate any feedback, thanks guys. It’s so nice to have an online family/community of people going through the same struggle, ya dig?!! 5 days later: OMG! I got caught diverting and fired, but I landed a dream job the next day. I’m so confused as how this will affect my chances of getting into CRNA school 🙄 Anyone else been through the same ordeal? Oh and my marriage is now failing, my dog had diarrhea while my aunt was on a trip in Cambodia. My sister put monkey glue on her hair and everyone is calling me because I’m a nurse and I hate the attention. Please help and validate my assertions because I’m sensitive to positive criticism. Who needs such negativity in life? Ugh! 6 days Later: OMG! Thank you so much for the responses and staying on topic guys. I'm like so overwhelmed. Have you noticed how people usually respond to OPs with impertinent feedback? It’s like so gross! Anywho, so, tomorrow we have a pizza party at work, but I’m scared because I only want to eat the pepperoni and toss away the crust because I’m gluten-free on Keto diet. Will that be offensive to the bitter biter old nurses? By the way, our dog’s name is dawg. He’s a vegan chihuahua and bulldog mixed mutt but identifies as a walrus. I don’t like it when people misidentify him as a canine. It's like so offensive. Sorry, I digressed with impertinent/irrelevant info. Anywho, so, my husband is downstairs with Dawg smoking PCP while playing video games in his Scoobie-doo onesie. My husband’s girlfriend is there too and she wants me to braid her hair, but she’s bald headed. What should I do? OMG! I’m like, so, stressed, right now! Please provide relevant and positive feedback only. 7 days Later: OMG!! Wow! I can't believe some of the responses. I’m like so outraged right now to the highest level of outragetivity. I’m flummoxed, appalled, dismayed, flabbergasted, hoodwinked, and bamboozled at how callous, insensitive, and ignorant some people are. Ugh! Namaste.
  4. Guest856929

    Tips to improve morale

    That is a good example of patching holes on the worn out denim, when you need a new pair. If the underlying cause of lack of morale is understaffing and high turnover, it would be an insult to any intelligent RN to offer a shout out corner as remedy. I remember having the burden of getting 3 patients in the ICU once when one of the patients qualified to be 1:1 on more than 1 factor (fresh Impella/balloon pump and CRRT w citrate) additionally, the pt. was on an insulin infusion and 3 vasopressors/inotropes, heparin gtt etc). The powers that be saw it fit to give me a psych patient and a post-CABG day 2 pt that needed to get lines D/C'd and transfer. Torturous task, because I "could handle it". I expressed my concern about patient safety, but to no avail. The tone-deaf, unencumbered, and in no uncertain terms, imbecilic manager bought pizza as solace. Talk about lack of leadership. How about you put on scrubs and get your hands dirty rather than patrolling the unit, combing through irrelevant details like who's doing bedside report and who did not write their names on the white board. The pizza gesture irritated all fibers of my anatomy. Work me like a mule then feed me swine. Ugh!
  5. Guest856929

    Non Clinical Positions For New Grads

    Why are you moaning and groaning about the possibility of strangers moaning and groaning? JK. I know you are not trolling. I, for one appreciate your unique post. I haven't seen anything like it here on AN. Anyway, yep, bedside nursing is overrated. Apply to direct entry, accelerated online CRNA programs. Another 16 months and you'll start at 250K. Easy-peasy stuff.
  6. Guest856929

    COVID Faces

    Hahaha! she caught me staring squarely at the goatee. She then said: "I know, this hospital coffee is as good as urine, ugh!" I couldn't hold my laughter and I tried very hard. I nearly spat my coffee. I had to go to the men's locker-room. I laughed for a good minute.
  7. Guest856929

    COVID Faces

    LOL! Yes, it is weird to work with people who you have never seen their faces before. One day I had my mask off in the lunch room and one of the managers looked at me with a surprised look and said, "I didn't know who you are. Are you Cyn? I guess I have never seen you without a mask before." I smiled and said, "oh! that's cool. Yeah, I'm Cyn RN, I blend well around here." (we both laugh) She says, "now I know who you are." What's hilarious is I think that she was serious, the fact that I'm the only black guy in this specialty right now withstanding 😂 That reminded me of another scenario in the cafeteria. Lady serving food, says I like the color of your stethoscope. It's a fancy purplish color. I said, "I figured, I don't stand out enough around here" LOL. She retorts: "Yeah, not everyone is as tall as you are." The entire cafeteria line bursts in wild laughter. That quick-witted old lady made my day. I'm smiling from molar to molar just thinking about it. Less than a minute interaction that made me deliriously jolly the entire day.
  8. Guest856929

    COVID Faces

    I saw a lady coworker take her mask down to sip coffee and she had a goatee that I had never seen before. I seriously thought I was hallucinating.
  9. Guest856929

    When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    Hehe fair enough. You raised valid assertions and I will concede to your point about perception. I did transition fairly smoothly to acute care, thanks to the SNF/LTC time management experience and familiarity of the things you mentioned. I’m not sure if I needed 2 years to be familiar with those skills. Nonetheless, the best thing I did was to go back to RN school and run away from LTC. I particularly disliked how management arbitrarily decided to change the modus operandi as they felt fit without consensus from floor nurses. Granted DONs got fired and hired frequently, the power vested in the DON was excessive and lacked the nuance typically seen in the hospital setting. Though I had and appreciated the rudimentary skills you mentioned, in acute care, the learning opportunities were endless —EKG proficiency, central and arterial lines, swan ganz catheters, ultrasound, variety of medications, etc. Most importantly I saw advance practice nurses like CRNAs, NPs, and even saw nurses go to med school. It was nice to see professionalism, especially from management.
  10. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    Ubiquitous Usher is based on a real character too. He was paying child support for 5 kids under 16 with 4 baby mamas. Poor guy was quite depressed. He made the most money of all nurses in the unit, but perhaps took home the least after paying unto Caesar. He overworked so much, I used to tell him he was omnipresent in the unit like bacteria. We became good work buddies and he would often ask me to draw his morning ABGs. Being new, naïve, and eager to impress, I took his requests as opportunities to gain more experience. As we became closer as time went by, I realized that he used to have tremors towards the tail end of the shift >9hrs of 12 hour shifts. IDK if that had an effect in his ability to stabilize ABG needles. Nonetheless, I was not sure whether he was having early Parkinsonian symptoms, or withdrawals d/t his fondness of volatile hydro-carbonous fluids. Ubiquitous Usher ended up with a back injury, most likely while helping joyful Joy move the quadriplegic pt. with c-diff to a bariatric bed. With nearly 20 years of ICU experience, Usher looked like he had been in the ICU for nearly 20 years. This is partly why I think that bedside nursing is overrated, especially after 5 years of experience, considering the prevalence of ungrateful, demanding, and self-negligent patients. #WordtoYoungNurses. I digress. Last I checked he was working for an insurance company making nearly twice without the physical rigors of the ICU.
  11. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    Sarcastic Sue is definitely my favorite kind of nurse, the older the better. IDK how I left her out. I had one when I was a new nurse. Everyone had told me the entire week, wait until you meet sarcastic Sue, you will love her. She worked weekends. So, I had to wait until Friday night. She still wore a dress and a cap. Never met a nurse who was sweeter and kinder than her inside a patient's room. As soon as she steps out and closes the door, her alter-ego showed up. First time she gave me report, we go in the patient's room and she is the pinnacle of professionalism. We leave the room and I'm thinking report is over, she says "let me tell you about my night with that crazy butch b***h" (pointing at the pt's room). My mouth was agape, I nearly chocked on my gum. I think she was >60 years. Something I find extremely funny about a post-menopausal woman who cusses effortlessly and says the most inappropriate, yet hilarious things. She once found out that gorgeous Gina was having an affair with a resident. Sarcastic Sue went on the most epic rant that I can't even paraphrase without violating TOS. She shared her 70-80's escapades with various men and organic substances that resemble powdered Johnson & Johnson products. LOL. Hysterical stuff! That story juxtaposed to how demure she dressed increased the hilarity of the rant. I loved working with her.
  12. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    I edited it to fit the context of discussion 🙂 Nixon was inadvertently hilarious.
  13. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    https://www.liveabout.com/richard-nixon-quotes-2733879 You made me look up Nixon quotes. He was quite a character. "All nurses is a good place to productively waste time" -Sour Lemon. As such, wither thy eyesight on these quotes from a bizarre former POTUS on the attached link. "I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue." —President Richard Nixon, reflecting on the Watergate scandal in 1978
  14. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    Hahaha! I know One-Upper Opal quite well. During report: hey Opal, the patient's blood sugar was 34. We did xyz, and his last 3 consecutive sugars have stabilized. Opal: Lemme tell you Cyn, yesterday I had a patient with a blood sugar of .08. I thought I was reading his creatinine level. I'm surprised you had to give D50 for your patient. I only gave two packets of orange juice and voila, BS was 120. Cyn: hey Opal, you gotta teach me that trick at some point. The patient was lucky to have you as the nurse. (Sarcasm galore:)
  15. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    Wacky Willy is a real character too. Patient was complaining about him not answering call lights promptly and that he refused to let the patient have a pitcher of water by the bedside. Pt was on a Lasix drip with audible crackles sans stethoscope use. Willy was fed up and gave the patient the unit manager's business card with the cellphone number. He told the patient to call the manager and express his complaints. Being a new nurse with the false conception that patients' satisfaction was the barometer of measuring adequate delivery of care, I was amused and impressed by Willy's temerity.
  16. Guest856929

    Which Nurse are You?

    hee hee! I once saw DGAF Dan sip his coffee while negotiating with his psych patient. He said help me help you. Moments after, said eff it, and asked another nurse for the four point restraints. Sipped his coffee again, then put the restraints on. DGAF Dan used to wear a sombrero to work. He retired a few years back. Towards the end of his career, he really did not give two shakes of a rat's behind about anything that stressed him. Quite a character.