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  1. The 7 Day Metamorphosis of an Attention-Seeking Newly-Minted Nurse

    Well, the thread has found its rightful place. Thanks. I vehemently disagree with the bashing assertion however. Try, guiding...
  2. Hey, I just want to say that I enjoy the way you put your thoughts across, even when we disagree in some of the highly spirited dialogues ?

    1. TheMoonisMyLantern

      TheMoonisMyLantern, ADN, LPN, RN

      Haha thank you! I always enjoy your posts as well, and enjoy discussing things with you!

  3. Day 1: OMG! I just took the NCLEX today and I think I failed. I’m only here for reassurance from strangers so that I feel good. What’s an easy way of finding out my results? I’ve heard about trying the website with a credit card thing and if it doesn...
  4. Which Nurse are You?

    Kinky Kim is also loosely based on the amalgamation of two characters. One had the odd habit of grabbing and squeezing some of the male RNs in the butt then laughing about it. This was before the advent of me-too. Admittedly, most us laughed about it...
  5. Tips to improve morale

    That is a good example of patching holes on the worn out denim, when you need a new pair. If the underlying cause of lack of morale is understaffing and high turnover, it would be an insult to any intelligent RN to offer a shout out corner as remedy....
  6. Non Clinical Positions For New Grads

    Why are you moaning and groaning about the possibility of strangers moaning and groaning? JK. I know you are not trolling. I, for one appreciate your unique post. I haven't seen anything like it here on AN. Anyway, yep, bedside nursing is overrated. ...
  7. COVID Faces

    Hahaha! she caught me staring squarely at the goatee. She then said: "I know, this hospital coffee is as good as urine, ugh!" I couldn't hold my laughter and I tried very hard. I nearly spat my coffee. I had to go to the men's locker-room. I laughed ...
  8. COVID Faces

    LOL! Yes, it is weird to work with people who you have never seen their faces before. One day I had my mask off in the lunch room and one of the managers looked at me with a surprised look and said, "I didn't know who you are. Are you Cyn? I guess I ...
  9. COVID Faces

    I saw a lady coworker take her mask down to sip coffee and she had a goatee that I had never seen before. I seriously thought I was hallucinating.
  10. Which Nurse are You?

    Most welcome. I’m glad you transitioned from your former self. Though I’m irreligious and hold divergent views regarding anthropomorphic deities, I respect your premise and shared sentiments. Stay positive and keep being good, especially to yourself....
  11. Which Nurse are You?

    Sending you virtual warm hugs. I have a tough shell, but something about your post made me a bit emotional (rare occurrence). I don't know why, but your post touched me in a positive way. Keep being awesome ?
  12. Which Nurse are You?

    Yellow-sleeve Yvonne is also based on a real character. Hardworking, beautiful, and innocent, I remember her starting in the unit. Her rooms were the neatest and her patients were the cleanest. In an alternate life, Yvonne would be an incredible inte...
  13. When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    Thank you. This is the precise crux of my contention. If I ain't growing, I ain't staying. A wise man once said: 'if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room'. Though I hold divergent views, I respect those who choose to do ...
  14. When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

    Hehe fair enough. You raised valid assertions and I will concede to your point about perception. I did transition fairly smoothly to acute care, thanks to the SNF/LTC time management experience and familiarity of the things you mentioned. I’m not sur...
  15. At the minimum, I would go home, turn the news and open a beer. Not going to work is a foregone conclusion if my car is totaled in a pile-up. All nurses are replaceable and disposable. If you’re not desperate, never confuse work with anything other t...