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cynical-RN has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. cynical-RN

    Critical Care Eliticism?

    Critical care nurses are relatively over-glorified, and bedside nursing, in general, is overrated.
  2. cynical-RN

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    Women, especially of color, have been shamefully underrepresented in many medical and pharmaceutical studies.
  3. cynical-RN

    Sociopathic Staff

    The contemptible rotund clown.
  4. cynical-RN

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    Thank you. It grinds my gears, especially equating the plight of the black community with the LGBTQ+ issues. It undermines the former. These are very distinct issues and there is a gaping chasm as wide as the grand canyon between the history of racial oppression and current gender issues. It is not only improper and foolish, but a gross act of negligence to draw parallel comparisons between the two societal classifications.
  5. Another ad hominem response from you. Height of hypocrisy for someone chastizing and bemoaning decency in the expression of views. "Waste of time", yet your own indignity compelled you to respond. Whose time are you wasting? I haven't labeled anyone as racist. Check your receipts. Don't flatter your own true character
  6. How I wish most Americans could get mirrors for presents on this Valentines day. Introspection is deeply needed in this nation. There is a staggering lack of insightfulness and self-reflection. "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." Mark Twain.
  7. Pish posh. You are neglecting the insensitive parts of the article and cherry-picking the uncontested parts to dismiss the premise of the rebuke -red herring retort.
  8. You are making my point. I cannot go to 12 filthy American houses and then proceed to generalize my observations to the entire nation of nearly 400 million people, by making unsubstantiated assumptions. It would be disingenuous to characterize Americans as obese, self-negligent, and unhygienic, irrespective of the factual observations in those 12 houses.
  9. Anyone should indeed be able to post about their personal experience; however, one cannot generalize his/her own narrow viewpoint to a population of over 2 billion individuals. There is a Chinese lady who commented that she found the article offensive. Who are you to police neither her comprehension or morality scale? She did not read more into the article. The insensitivity was quite evident.
  10. We should also keep in mind that illogical reasoning can result in falsehoods, for a number of reasons.
  11. If we are going to tout ourselves as healthcare workers who value evidence-based practice, we should at the minimum embrace objectivity and respect the scientific process; rather than unthinking acceptance of biased and unsubstantiated subjective anecdotes.
  12. Again, I was concerned about biases as a result of anecdotes and premature conclusions, based on ignorance and a myopic viewpoint, not denotative racism. I am not fond of redundancy, but to label him racist, would be to give him more power than he deserves. That does not absolve him from his use of stereotypes and subjectivity to formulate illogical inferences. Engaging in more semantics is futile to discourse. Conditions that propagate bacterial infections and/or viral infections are not mutually exclusive. Having more people in a given perimeter will propagate any droplet/airborne transmittable disease irrespective of whether it is bacterial or viral -rudimentary epidemiology. The bigger issue is causation.
  13. I did not call him a racist. That would give him more credit than he deserves. To be a racist, you actually need the power to deny someone of dissimilar ethnicity/race access to resources. "Racist" is a word that is used carelessly. I have emphasized the article is biased with anecdotal evidence that should not be generalized to a diverse country of over 2 billion people. The article is littered with delusions of Western ethnocentrism, and the righteous indignation is from responses of people living in sterile glass houses here while throwing soiled stones. I asked you twice: why did this particular article elicit rebuke, out the several articles, posted nearly daily regarding the coronavirus and its variables? It is insensitive. Simple. You are welcome to keep riding your holier-than-thou horse and I will give the author the benefit of ignorance and Eurocentric arrogance.
  14. There are several articles on this site about coronavirus and the logistics that are relevant for its spread/containment. Why is this the only one that has generated rightful rebuke? It is because it is filled with subjective biases that do not form proper logic. Correlation is not an indication of causation, let alone sprinkling sanctimonious platitudes and responses feigned as nuanced discourse. You are making a quantum leap that is quite disingenuous. Just because most people eat ice cream in the summer, and most murders occur in the summer, it would be improper to conclude that ice cream causes increased murders. The priggish author went to Beijing and Shanghai, then makes conclusions about Wuhang in a country of 2 billion people. It is akin to a foreigner visiting Flint, Michigan and observing impurities in tap water, then concluding that intellectual disabilities in America are a result of poor drainage systems. IF a=b, and b=c, then a must be c is the foundation of illogical fallacies. Again, why do you think that this article out the several written (written by more qualified authors) on AN elicited the response it has? Perhaps it is because it has inflammatory language and unsubstantiated anecdotes improperly generalized to a bigger population. Speaking of McCarthyism, here's a poignant quote from a man who endured the worst of McCarthyism's fear-mongering propaganda based on meaningless innuendos and platitudes: “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
  15. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, bigotry in the form of racism and xenophobia is usually implicit rather than explicit. Furthermore, it is typically subtle, covert, and intangible. Gone are the days of public lynching and KKK rallies, but what's in popular existence is articles filled with intellectual laziness, stereotypes, and bigoted innuendos. Read between the lines. It is the subtle nature of racism that fuels systemic maligning of disenfranchised demographics, silence from fence-sitters, and blind support of bigots from otherwise rational people. In the history of opression, propaganda usually precedes carnage.
  16. I understand your misunderstanding. If western culture is so superior hygienically, why are most people's immune system so weak on this hemisphere? Perhaps natural inoculation is beneficial. Indeed, viruses do not give a crap about moral outrage and are replication machines, as such, those with excess protoplasm as a result of unhygienic, sedentary lifestyles should be among the first to lead by example. Obesity is a hygiene issue as well with favorable conditions for pathogens. Someone pointed out that in the not too distant future 1 in 2 Americans will be obese. This is a public health concern that will propagate infections, like the coronavirus. Your logic or lack thereof withstanding, simple math governs chance = the bigger the petri dish, the propensity of replication increases. Start the charity at home.

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