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  1. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    I think acceptances and denials would be considered academic records, and therefore wouldn't really be allowed to be emailed for security reasons. I was a TA and we couldn't talk about grades or anything like that over the phone or via email. Which a...
  2. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    @Ken Foote, Thanks for everything you have been doing for us! We really appreciate the updates.
  3. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    Also, Mail just arrived at my house in Orlando. I was accepted too! Can't wait to meet everyone. :)
  4. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    The program is actually 15 months, to be all literal. Semester 1: Begins May 11 - Complete Summer Term Semester 2: Begins Aug 24 - Complete Fall Term Semester 3: Begins Jan 5 - Complete Spring Term Semester 4: Summer A&C Start May 9 ...
  5. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    @LadyBramble, I did a cost estimate for attending UF and this is what I came up with. GRAND TOTAL: $37,2355.25 Tuition: $14,323.25 Classes are found on the program's site and cost per hour is for the 2014-2015 school year 53 Credit Hours ($210.43 p...
  6. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    I know. Me too. I think the 8th sounds like a pretty good estimate for the first replies to start arriving. Think about it: Decisions are currently being finalized/made. If they finish on the 27th, and print the letters the same day, they'll probably...
  7. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    I just received an email from Ken Foote. He said they are currently in the process of making decisions and that they will go out asap. I'm pretty sure we will receive our letters next week or the week after, depending on usps.
  8. "More" than Just a Nurse?

    Absolutely. I don't have that much of a desire to be a doctor, but I want to be a really really good nurse. That is what is going to make all the difference to the patients that I see.
  9. Taking the TEAS soon! Science section?

    I took the TEAS in November. The science section was rather broad more than deep. Much of it was conceptual in nature, so rather than having to calculate anything, you needed to understand how the laws worked. For instance it seemed more valuable to ...
  10. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    Also @PTIII & @ gPtn, if you think your new records were not taken into account in making your admission decision and you happen to be denied, that would be a very valid reason to appeal. On a side note, has anyone else been reading the previous ...
  11. 2015 UF Accelerated BSN

    I just received a letter from UF, but they were just asking for a form to verify my Florida residence. I was freaking out when my mom handed it to me, but I kept telling myself that they don't send rejections before the acceptances. It is nice to kno...
  12. "More" than Just a Nurse?

    I am really enjoying seeing everyone's input. Nursing is definitely an amazing career, but it sounds like you have to be much tougher to be a nurse than the general population thinks. If I was wanting an easy job, I'd find one. And if I wanted to be ...
  13. Seventh Day Adventist and working on Sabbath???

    I too am a Seventh-Day Adventist. While growing up, my mom, who was a general surgeon, was often absent from church due to surgeries or emergencies. On one of the few occasions she was in church, an older gentleman passed out, and she left church in ...
  14. "More" than Just a Nurse?

    This seemed like the most appropriate place to post this, so here goes: Over the past 6 months to a year, my life has made some pretty dramatic shifts. I went from GRE's and PhD applications to the TEAS V and Nursing School applications. I should be ...
  15. Another question for students and CNA grads

    In some of my 400+ person classes, the teachers actually used them to do quizzes, because while the info is anonymous on screen, you can attach IDs and Names to Clicker Numbers. For smaller classes, I wouldn't bother with the clicker. For what it sou...