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Who am I. . . Student: I am currently attending at Denver School of Nursing for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Leader: Seen as a leader among my peers. Strive to lead by example. Caregiver: I am currently employed by Craig Hospital where I work with patients affected by traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Man of Integrity: I strive to live my live by genuinely treating those I encounter how I would anticipate to be treated. Professional and personal specialties: • Excellent interpersonal skills • Compassionate • Passion for helping others • Customer service • Team player • High level of integrity • Resourceful • Exceptional time management • Adaptable • Outstanding critical thinking skills

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  1. Factors Influencing Willingness to Treat Ebola

    Hello, I hope this post finds you well!I am a nursing student compiling factors that influence a caregivers decision to care for a patient with Ebola, and I would greatly appreciate incite. Purpose Statement for Quantitative Study: The purpose of th...