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  1. What is the BEST website for the PN EXIT HESI ? and has anyone had experience with D&D.com? http://www.ddnclexreview.com/hesi_online
  2. mnl1987

    Best PN Hesi Exit Exam online course?

    What is the best online PN HESI EXIT EXAM online course? Has anyone tried http://www.ddnclexreview.com/hesi_online ? Any info is appreciated, Thank you!
  3. mnl1987

    Pn nclex /best online review ?

    I finish PN School January 29th, So I will be taking the PN NCLEX probably at the end of FEB. What is the best Online course to use? I just bought the Kaplan Nclex book, so I will get a better understanding of the questions. If it came down to the best one online, what is the consensus?
  4. July 12th of this year, I was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. I had a skull fracture, 3 Brain Bleeds, and Severely low Electrolyte levels. I was in the IMCU/ICU for 3 weeks. It's a miracle I'm alive and functioning. I have 4 hours of therapy 3 days a week, not able to drive at all for another 3-4 months. The doctor's can't believe I am alive, and how I am recovering. It has been life changing and everyday is different but it has been a learning experience. I had to take a Medical Leave from school. The week before the accident, I finished my last round of clinical hours, and I passed them also. Well, my school is saying I have to redo the hours? This doesn't make sense to me at all. If I passed and did my hours, why should I have to do the clinicals? If it matters, I live in Indiana. Do I have any options?