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  1. skippybeatz

    Southern California CRNA Schools

    Hello I am currently an RN in Southern California. I am planning to apply for CRNA schools and I know there are three schools within my area: USC, CSUF-Kaiser, and Loma Linda University. For anyone who is in any of these programs, how do you like it? I know it's one thing to try and get in, staying in the program is another. Do you feel like you get adequate experience or support from your faculty/clinical sites/etc? If you had to take graduate level courses to boost your GPA, which schools did you take them from? Were they mostly online or did you have to go on campus every now and then? Bonus: Also, has anyone from California applied to CRNA schools out of state? How was your experience and what guided you into making your decisions to go out of state? Thank you everyone!
  2. skippybeatz

    UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    I applied to this program on October 6th and it says on my application status that all documents have been received. Would it be wise to follow up with HR or just wait until they give me a call?