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  1. bobcat68

    home health RN, ending up being Hospice

    live very rurally, only so many RN's in an elderly population, unfortunately not many options, sadly not very unusual. Sometimes our clients wait upwards of a week before we can intake.
  2. bobcat68

    Nurses Being Made to Tech?

    it is why I ended up leaving a profession that I loved. Was nurse on 25 station unit, would end up running a pod, medicating, assessing, problem solving and generally running myself to death. I ended up making poor decisions because I never stopped. Loved the job, if we had a 16 station unit where I live I would go back in a heartbeat.
  3. bobcat68

    Lets talk about $$$

    oregon, hourly rate 32.78, $.56 per mile, overtime after 8 hours. shift differential. Medical, dental, life, disability, 50% off of copay after insurance pays if service recieved at hospital I am employed at. 4% into 457b by employer. $.50 for every dollar into 403b that i contribute. seems like I got it pretty good. approx 8 hours pto each 2 weeks plus 1 hour esl
  4. I need help. I have a client who is esrd who has withdrawn from dialysis. I expect death to occur very soon however hospice will not be able to schedule visit until Tuesday. I have client scheduled tomorrow unless he has already passed. I would like to do my best to make sure this gentlemen is comfortable and the family is comforted as much as possible. Please, would appreciate any helpful hints as I have no hospice experience. Also as far as I know the client only has hydrocodone in the home, although he may have gotten more effect pain relievers at his pcp appointment friday.