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  1. EricaAngela90

    Duke Fall 2017

    Me three! I feel like everyone was told something a little different.
  2. You could go to HR but make sure to point out that their behavior is unprofessional and against your hospitals code of conduct.
  3. EricaAngela90

    Need your input on lumbar drains

    I think it depends what the lumbar drain was placed for. If it's a patient who had a csf leak after something like a tethered cord repair then they should be flat in order for the leak to heal. Eventually they start moving around but not for a few days. The neurosurgeon should have specific orders for each patient about positioning and moving. If it's for icp monitoring and closed to drain I don't see why they can't move as long as it's at the correct level and zeroed. I mean we let people with evd icp monitoring move.
  4. EricaAngela90

    Duke Fall 2017

    I know the email said late march as far as timing. I didn't think to ask during my interview when we would find out by. Hopefully we hear something soon!
  5. EricaAngela90

    Duke Fall 2017

    I applied for peds acute care NP and had my interview on the 23rd. I recieved similar questions as you but I thought that my interviewer was lovely. I hope we hear soon!
  6. EricaAngela90

    Joint commission and PICU

    Because the icu isnt inserviced on the Camino...umm hello neither are we! Thankfully the adult icu is forced to take them because joint commission is actually supposed to show up tomorrow.
  7. EricaAngela90

    Joint commission and PICU

    I understand that but it's more about my license and the fact that there's no inservice on the equipment.
  8. EricaAngela90

    Joint commission and PICU

    Does anybody know if there is a joint commission standard about an age cut off for pediatric icu? Or if they require acls for picu nurses who admit adult patients? Just curious because our picu is planning on admitting a 24 year old tomorrow and I honestly do not feel comfortable when nobody has acls and I've never been inserviced on the bolt. Thoughts or opinions?
  9. EricaAngela90

    Duke Fall 2017

    I applied for the Fall 2017 Pediatric NP program. My application is updated, but has anybody heard anything about interviews or any kind of timeline. I know this time last year they were calling for interviews.
  10. EricaAngela90

    Is this unreasonable?

    So there seems to be an issue on my floor where some nurses are walking into other patients rooms that they are not assigned to and doing stuff. It drives me crazy when someone does something without even telling me first. I'm not talking about a patients lead coming of or pulse ox, that's not a problem. I'm talking about things like talking to family members about the patient's care or grim diagnosis and comparing it to a life experience they had with something similar. (I work in an picu) Am I overreacting? When I leave the unit (which I rarely do) I tell 1 person covering my patient their weight and what they can get if they are needing more sedation ,pain medication, or if they are on pressors. To me it's not okay if someone else walks in, sees my patient moving on the vent and boluses him with two sedation drugs at once and it drops the patient's pressures to the point where I have to go up a bit on Epi. That's a major thing that happened on our floor, but the little things bug me too. I guess I'm protective. I don't want to be accused of being mean either.
  11. EricaAngela90

    Is nursing school really "that" bad?

    Call me crazy but I didn't think it was bad at all. It is time consuming with clinicals and such, but I loved it. Everyone has a different experience.
  12. EricaAngela90

    Med math help?!

    I would first divide your mg/day answer in half then figure out how many tablets per dose and x2 would be day
  13. EricaAngela90

    What are doctors thinking?

    If they had to pick a medicine I would think an ssri would be more appropriate, unless the meds are used for something like epilepsy.
  14. EricaAngela90

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    You're going to encounter people throughout your nursing career who you might not see eye to eye with but that's just life. You just pay no mind and do your job as long as they aren't interfering with patient care. I have to work with a person at school or the hospital, but I don't have to like them.
  15. EricaAngela90

    New Residency at Children's National

    I used to work in the PICU there. The pay was okay but compared to the high cost of living in DC or Arlington, it's not much. I ultimately left there and moved back to NJ where I grew up. It's a great hospital and I saw things over there that I probably won't see again. The salary might be considered lower than other big hospitals but truthfully a good amount of children's hospitals pay less, but you end up doing it because you love it.
  16. Pregnancy test