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I'm just beginning my long journey into a career I have always been interested in. Nursing. I'm excited and nervous. I hope I do well. I believe I'm mentally prepared for the challenge.

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  1. Itt tech breckinridge orland park ???

    Hello, I go to Breckinridge here in Florida. I'm in my 6th quarter (Two more to go. YAY!) Anyway the program gets harder each quarter. Most of the repeats and failures happened between quarters 2-4, that's where you will lose the most people. My a...
  2. NURSE Corps Scholarship 2016-2017

    I started my application also, although I only have about 8 months left of school, I'm out of financial aid and getting this scholarship would be just awesome.
  3. What is passing for your nursing program?

    A 80 is considered passing but it's also still considered a B and not a C. Anything below a 80 you fail. We lost a lot of people who got 79.XX grades that had to repeat or failed out. It's brutal but it must be done.
  4. There are two issues I see here to why you may not be meshing in well with the rest of your classmates. 1. You are young and really don't have many life experiences. I know 5 years may not seem like a big gap but trust me you can learn a lot about ...
  5. Is it tacky/disrespectful to do this?

    snf = skilled nursing facility a.k.a nursing home
  6. Is it tacky/disrespectful to do this?

    There are a few things I would like to point out. 1. Employment in most states is AT WILL. Meaning you or your employer can sever ties at any time with or without notice. 2. You don't want to burn your bridges. Most hospitals these days are par...
  7. Nursing school weight gain

    First and foremost you have to take care of yourself FIRST. School is stressful and a lot of work but what good will you be taking care of others if you let your health suffer for it. For me to stay in shape I go to the gym at least 5x a week. I do...
  8. For profit schools/debt/nursing shortage??

    I may can shed some light on your situation. As far as the "for profit" schools go. I would do A LOT of research and determine if it is suitable for you. I"m currently a student at a for profit institution and I chose the school for three main re...
  9. Contemplating on Vlog

    If you are going to vlog just be smart about it. Never name the school you are attending, never name any clinical sites, patients or their outcomes, never talk bad about students, instructors, or your preceptors at your clinical sites etc... I think...
  10. Class schedule question

    We take Maternity/Peds/Gerontology in the same semester along with hesi exams for all of them. I heard through the grapevine that Peds and maternity was difficult and it will be extra difficult for me because I have absolute 0 interest in Peds or Ma...
  11. Clinical experience?

    One of my instructors asked me if I played poker. I replied "No I never played, nor do I know how to play" Then she preceded to tell me she can tell because everything I be thinking be written all over my face. She told me I had to work on my "pok...
  12. where do you learn blood draws

    I was also concerned about this as well. I learned on a fake arm in sim lab but have yet to do a live stick on an actual person.
  13. What's wrong with my patient?

    I'm a student myself BUT just looking at his vitals think Airway, breathing, circulation and look at which vitals that are way out of range and think of a nursing diagnoses that BEST fits his signs and symptoms and objective observations.
  14. What is or was your easiest or hardest nursing course

    Pharmacology so far is the hardest for me. I don't' have problems with the calculations but having to remember all the classes of meds and actions, side effects, adverse effects, soooooo frustrating.
  15. Jealous Friends...