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  1. I interviewed for a job I really want on May 20, I felt that it went great. The nursing manager said that call should be made the following week. After not hearing anything, I called her back on June 2nd to see if a decision was made. She sounded excited, and said right off the bat she remembered me just when I stated my name. She then said HR assured her they would be making calls this week and if I didn't hear from them to call her back next week. The week passed and no call from HR. Does it sound like she picked me? I just don't think she would tell me to call her directly if she wasn't going to hire me. I've only worked one nursing job, so not sure what to expect or if this is typical!
  2. JLSabRN

    RN's - how long did you stay at your first job?

    I currently work a sub acute rehab unit in a SNF. I love my patients, but this isn't what I want to do long term. This is my first RN job, and started this past January, I was actively seeking a hospital position, but didn't have any luck. I just got promoted to supervisor, so I decided to stop looking for a few months, to fill up my resume some more.