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  1. Wow, what-a experience you had! It's great that you did not give up!!! Thanks for sharing those details. Was there any math on the CTT? Again, thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  2. MackKay

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    Aw! Really? Those are some great stats. I've applied to GBCN, but I'm not sure if I'll continue the process, you know this whole nursing school transition is a bit overwhelming, as a transfer student. I'm applying to about 3 schools but the requirements of all 3 are totally different, which means more classes to take, money for exams, etc.
  3. MackKay

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    Hey Coleduck, Awesome, I've satisfied every course except for Religion & Nutrition. I would take them during the summer, but I've made a commitment to a job during that time. I will be transferring from Atlanta Metropolitan College. Not sure if you mention this, but did you already take the TEAS? If so, how was it for you? Oh, KSU has an amazing program (word of mouth..) did you apply there as well?
  4. MackKay

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Fall 2015

    COLEDUCK, Congratulations! Were you a transfer student? I'm considering Mercer and there are a few courses (Religion, Nutrition) that I've don't have because I'm transferring.
  5. thanks for responding Brittleigh, I appreciate it. Congratulations on graduating from the program. I know you're probably celebrating and prepping for the next steps, but are you considering continuing with GC's RN-BSN? How was the ASN program for you?
  6. MackKay

    Transferring Out of State

    Hey, I'm currently a finishing my last semester at a CC in ATL, GA. I will my AA degree and although I've planned to apply to a few nursing programs in Georgia, I'm looking to apply out of state. I'm interested in FAMU, Tennessee State U, or any public BSN program Is there anyone that has attended a school in GA and transferred out of state? What schools did you transfer to? Did it help/hurt having an AA degree? Did that school automatically accept your credit? THANKS
  7. Thanks for replying and CONGRATS on getting into Middle Ga! I was thinking about Middle Ga but they require the TEAS and I haven't registered or studied for it. I'm really hoping to get into Gordon, but Im concerned about that CTT. I'm applying to Coastal College of GA and UNG as back up. How was the CTT? Any tips? I'm sending my Gordon app in after christmas and hope to get find out when I will be able to sit in for the test.
  8. MackKay

    Gordon State College Fall 2015

    hey folks, I wanted to start a thread for those who are considering applying to Gordon State College for Fall 2015. Just like the other topics, this will be great to ask questions, share tips, or be an encouragement to one another as we transition a step farther in our academic careers. Thanks!
  9. Hi Moon Pie, I know its been awhile, but did a spot open up for you (Spr2015)? If you didn't, are you going to reapply for Fall 2015? I'm in the progress of sending in my application for fall.
  10. hey! I'm applying to CSU Nursing Program for Fall 2015. Is there anyone else applying? I would love to hear from you guys and current/former nursing students. Any tips, background, or your opinion of the program is greatly appreciated.
  11. MackKay

    ASN or BSN?

    thanks for the responses! I will definitely do some research on the hospitals and the type of degrees that are required. I'm leaning more towards an ADN, mainly for financial reasons. Again, thanks for the feedback!
  12. MackKay

    ASN or BSN?

    Hey, I have my associate of science in pre-nursing and I'm being torn between programs. The two BSN programs that I applied to, I'm not quite on track with, either they require more classes, allow one cohort a yr, and/or a different entrance exam. The 3 ASN programs I've applied to, I have everything they ask for and I would not have to take additional courses or pay $80+ for an entrance exam . I'm not being lazy about it, I'm being realistic. Is it "silly", as my classmate said, to go for the ASN schools even though I already have an associates degree? my main goal is to have a BSN no matter what! THANKS
  13. MackKay

    Columbus State Fall15

    hey guys, I'm new to this site! I decided to join since I'm in the progress of applying to Columbus State University (Georgia) for the BSN Fall 2015 Program. I just wanted to see if there are any other applicants out there! If there is any current nursing students at CSU, I would LOVE to hear about your experience! Any tips?
  14. When I called Monday about what program I should apply to the woman on the other end said the ASN is the only option, even though I have a A.S. in Pre Nursing, which I kind of understand, but I will apply to the ASN program as a last resort. I see you got waitlisting, I hope something comes available for you!
  15. @Moon Pie no, its totally fine. thats great she believe you have a chance; I hope you get in. Are you a current Gordon student? I already have my AS-Pre Nursing; I do not know if it worth it to get another associates degree.
  16. hey, @moon pie you said she was not looking at your 'current 2.9 gpa' but she was looking at your 'current 3.0 gpa'. What are you saying?