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  1. medicalforonevoice

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    Keep a small tablet, jot down each occurrence, who you spoke to about the occurrence (your supervisor/charge nurse.) Don't use it as an 'I told you so' moment, but a source to protect you. Continue to be professional and seek to be placed in another unit, or with a different group. Be very aware of speaking of a patient in social media, (outside of your work area). If you give enough information where someone could recognize that patient, you could be in huge trouble. Remember HIPAA. I empathize with you, dealing with patients who were similar. I know your frustration and feel you may not be heard, but please be professional and possibly work on policies that protect medical personel. Hang in there! Good luck.
  2. medicalforonevoice

    Age of Nurse = Level of Experience? Or Not?? The survey says...

    Why it is most important to have seasoned Nurses! Keep them working.
  3. medicalforonevoice

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Because of the reason you stated; exploitable, we have to be proactive in our profession. Be aware of what laws and rules being developed in your state. Join a group that do monitor what affects our profession. Numbers matter, the more that are looking/monitoring what does place an effect on Nursing policies and procedures, the better. This helps our patients and our profession!
  4. medicalforonevoice

    Would you report possible diversion?

    First and foremost, before"turning any Nurse in", triple check yourself. This is that persons' lively-hood and possibly making an assumption that could be wrong can take that persons' job and career away. Also, understand that just because someone has been in a Nurse Monitoring program, he or she may not have a substance abuse or diversion problem. Here what IS happening....True Fact: Many Nurses have a complaint filed, ie; suspicion. The downhill spiral begins. Your Nurse Monitoring agency in the State get's your name and circumstance. Guess what? It's almost easier to say ok....get an eval, do drug screens, etc., than to pay crazy amounts to a lawyer, have your life on hold, sometimes for years to attempt to prove your not. Now, here is another reality. Some Nurses do have an addiction illness, and some Nurses will steal medication for addiction and for profit. I have studied the monitoring program as well as the Nursing Board in my state. It seems to be easier to go ahead and have someone monitored, even if it is only hear-say; protect the community. This is where changes need to be made; help those who need the help. And remember, addiction treatment is a HIGH money making business. Most Nurse Monitoring programs are in place to make money too...now that is a hard pill to swallow! So, please make certain before accusing, turning in and/or judging, get your own facts straight. We need each other! If you are aware of someone who DOES have an addiction illness, it is our responsibility to protect our patients too. Give it to management and let them investigate. Falsely accusing a Nurse could have you facing the Board, even though you have good intentions.
  5. medicalforonevoice

    I want to quit nursing.

    As a new Nurse, I was subject to the 'eat their own' affect. I toughened up my skin and made it. As a seasoned Nurse I started a new trend, remembering what that felt like; mentoring. Apples and oranges, what a difference it made! Less turnover making my job a whole lot easier. The more staff we had the more work I would get done. With management skimming on staff as it is, as Nurses we might want to take a more positive approach. We've all been there, learning the ropes!
  6. medicalforonevoice

    How to File a Complaint against BON

    My thoughts are that Nurses need to unite. We need a good source, in each State, for reference including legal questions in regard to our professions. Happy we have this forum, so we can get information and insight. I've monitored the BON in Indiana for several years. Let's just say; there needs to be some tweeking. Just like medical intities, things change. For myself, in an attempt to get information thru the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency; was like hitting a brick wall. It took endurance. I can say that their internal processes cannot be revealed. Keep plugging. So, we should unite....help each other. We live by a practice act, as well as other laws. It would be wonderful to break the 'silence' code and get the information. I wonder if they have a whole other set of 'bi-laws' hidden in a back room? Not saying all is bad, great things do happen...and there is a definate need. Just wishing there could be more communication and a sense of true fairness, (being on the same playing field.) How bout listening to Nurses for a start? Even though, (in IN the Board consist of Nurses, 1 common, 1 Ex. Director hired thru a third party who works for the Govenor), it can become us and them. Wonder if a committee from all walks of Nursing who meet with these BON's, to convey the needs and thoughts of our Nursing Profession would be useful? Sound good? One that is not another State entity that is paid by the State. We have to be united, sharing information with each other. Thanks for letting me rant!
  7. medicalforonevoice

    What did you do before nursing?

    Calivianya, the beast at times is what makes us the saddest. When we are in the catch 22, it's hard to see the forest for the trees. There are wonderful support groups, with people who have gone thru the same. A new view can help! Keep your head above water girl, and keep swimming to the shore, and BREATH! Good people with wonderful suggestions here also, sort of a colaboration of Nurses, Students, etc., from all walks of life. You are the one who will make your own decisions, but getting a different look may open a new door. Good Luck!
  8. medicalforonevoice

    What did you do before nursing?

    I had a business career then made a decision to become a Nurse later in life. I was a single mother of (2) and chose a business degree in the 70's. At that time the money was good! In midlife my mother had early onset Alzheimer's disease and I felt the calling, knowing that Geriatrics and Dementia patients were the sparkle in my eye and the love in my heart. Understanding business helped tremendously. I understood about why policies were in place not only for the Patients but also for the business. I'm now on my 3rd career as a Nurse Advocate and also advocate for our Geriatric population. I'm a pre-baby boomer, looking at what is ahead for me and others when evaluating healthcare. Bravo to you golden for seeing the need and wanting to be a Nurse. We Need You!
  9. medicalforonevoice

    Accused of narcotic/ alcohol abuse... No clue what this is about!

    It actually does happen. I would definately call, do not give out allot of information. Take notes, names, etc. Be VERY careful what you say, in other words ask for the specifics only. Calling a Lawyer is an excellent idea also. Me personally, I would record each conversation as you may need clarification later, if needed. I'm pretty sure they will be recording your conversation for clarification later. Let us know if this is 'for real' or a scam. Good Luck!
  10. I feel when your getting the information about insurance; personally I would ask what are the boundries that the insurance covers. Not all Nurses going in front of the BON are there do to malpractice. Will it cover them in a case that isn't a malpractice suit? I think there has been some confusion of what it does cover. Some feel they are protected with the insurance and find out that the coverage they have is ONLY for malpractice. I feel, as Nurses, we need someone in each State that is a 'go to person', for legal questions. Most Lawyers will not give information without a retainer fee. I'm talking for specific legal questions; the what ifs. If anyone knows of an agency, possibly in your own state, that is totally unbias to either insurance and or business end of the Medical entities, let me know. Thank you for your article, it was very informative.
  11. medicalforonevoice

    When All Is Left Is My Passion For Nursing...

    Nurses need to ban together, without fear, and take our profession back. We live it, work it, give our all to it; we know what works! Nursing has changed in the last 20 years; but we cannot allow patient care to stay in the back seat. Isn't that what we went to school for, work for....etc? Patient Care; Nurses need to speak out. Work with the "powers that be" to be able to continue caring for our patients. Be proactive! Thanks for your article!
  12. HR 101: When disciplining, conveying, etc., always have a witness in the room. That other person could be your best advocate if something were to go sour. Two heads are better than one.
  13. Excellent advice! This is the real world of Nursing. Agree, Agree....Document the heck out of it! Thanks...
  14. medicalforonevoice

    Running on Empty

    Thank you!
  15. medicalforonevoice

    Who takes the med error hit?

    Brandon, so very true!
  16. medicalforonevoice

    Nursing Shortcuts: What works for you?

    Cheat sheets, I made my own up. With my Nursing schedule being so hectic; along with multiple interupptions throughout my shift, I need my brain on paper. Each patient, writing what I did for them to chart, document later. I used it in report to not miss any information that the next shift may need to know. Just a quick jot down, saved me allot of time. Shredded at the end of the shift, I had a tendency to put it in my pocket, (no violating patient confidentiality there.) Love to hear how other Nurses use little shortcuts!