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  1. Cass14

    Pass my Nclex

    I took my nclex last september 18, and i got my letter today!! I passed!!! The new pearson vue trick works too!
  2. Cass14

    NCLEX pearson vue trick

    I haven't received anything yet.. It's been 2 weeks since i took the exam. I guess i still have to wait for another week or two! Can you tell me about the breeze? I have no idea about that.
  3. Cass14

    Passed nclex pn 85 questions nd Pearson vue trick worked!

    Congrats aquamarine girl! U got ur mail in two days? That was pretty fast! What state are u in? Im in Ca, and doesnt participate in quick resultS! Im still waiting for my BON letter. I hope i pass! I took mine sept 18 with 85 questions also. I tried the pvt a week after my exam, and i got the good pop up. I used three credit cards to re register but i wont allow me.. I really hope it works! Goog luck on ur job hunting!!
  4. Cass14

    NCLEX pearson vue trick

    I took mine on sept 18 at 8 am.. One week after, i tried the pvt,. I got the good pop up. I hope it really works! I am still waiting for a letter from the BoN..

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