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    Where have all the nurses gone?

    I am 21 years old and a CNA. I am slowly moving up in the health field because I want to know what it is like to work all 3. I wanted to get the hands on with the resident's and then go back to school to get my LPN and then RN. I work in a Nursing Home and I really do not know how it is everywhere else, but I can tell you that here in Kingsport Some not All LPN's and RN's treat people like crap.. They act like we have no clue on what we are doing. I understand most of you do not consider us nurses but still the LPN's and RN's chase us away before we even get a chance to explore this field. I know that I have thought alot about leaving my work place a lot of time but I go in each night because these little resident need me. And I do agree that the pay i sucky and the benefits are not too good either, but I can tell you another thing it is a lot about how the place is run. Administration to start with and then down the ladder.. If you don't know how to treat people then u do not be there.
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    I was wondering what CNA's throughout the state's make. Here they start making 7 and hour at the nursing homes and then 8.25 at the hospital.. Thank you