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  1. swanky

    Anyone work at Planned Parenthood in Co. Springs?

    All of the "fundie Christians" that I have met from that area are super clean-cut, upstanding citizens who would be the LAST group of people to promote violence. Yes, some of them might own guns, but they are the type of people I would WANT around if something like this occurred (i.e. responsible gun owners). The shooter in question is NOT of the crowd you describe.
  2. swanky

    Beef up resume during school

    Hey there! I am wondering if anyone has any tips for what a BSN student can be doing during school to make her/himself more attractive to prospective empoyers after graduation. I am getting my BSN but I don't have my CNA or really any experience to speak of... I am getting really worried that I will graduate and I won't be able to find a job...
  3. swanky

    Pregnant in Traditional BSN Program

    Thanks so much everyone!
  4. Hey, just found out I am pregnant with baby number 3. Just started my second semester of a five semester traditional BSN program. Baby due beginning of May/end of June. Tips? Advice? Prayers?