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What I do for a living is complicated. I try to prevent REALLY bad things from happening to my clients, and when they do, I contain, control, and mitigate the fallout. Many times these things end up at the intersection of the law and healthcare. Because of the decisions that I have to make, ethics, justice, and morality must guide my hand. For those reasons I have a deep understanding and knowledge of ethics and philosophy. My logic must also be perfect as well.

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  1. Learning Intimate Exams

    While these sessions focus on the technical aspects of the exam and to a lesser extent patient comfort, the sessions all start out with the ASSUMPTION of consent. Many times other providers are brought into a room by an attending (such as to cath) a...
  2. I would also recommend that you introduce yourself, ask the patient if he has been explained the purpose of your presence and if the patient has consented to you being there. If the NP, physician, etc. did not get consent for your presence, you can f...
  3. Letting Go of A Loved One

    I just had to deal wth the passing of a loved one. She chose to let nature take its course (at home, surrounded by loved ones, without any interventions). We accepted and supported her choice as the dignified way to go. She fought hard hard until the...
  4. Noncomplience and uninvolved management

    I would rather say my peace 2 months late than leave something un said. No regrets. If you ever participated in philosophic debate, it is all about the pedanticalness and formalities. The Socratic Method involves questioning, and is probably the mos...
  5. Noncomplience and uninvolved management

    AbigailJo, I suspect that you might have been referring to me. I was not mocking you but attempting to stimulate critical thinking on your part so that you might arrive at a conclusion yourself. I was using a teaching method similar to the Socratic M...
  6. Meaning of your username?

    I do a lot of business in Cherry Hill, so I was thinking Cape May for a long weekend.
  7. Meaning of your username?

    There are a couple exits I don't mind visiting...
  8. Meaning of your username?

    Remember, life IS a journey, NOT a destination...
  9. Why Do Nurses Eat Their Own?

    I am thoroughly looking forward to your analysis of this. I have to imagine that you are going to look at this and reference the works of Michel Foucault and Erving Goffman.
  10. Meaning of your username?

    Either you are thinking about BBQ ribs or you REALLY, REALLY NEED to visit the CDC's Zombie Preparedness” web page. …of course you could just be a zombie who likes BBQ ribs too...
  11. Meaning of your username?

    You should love the CDC's Zombie Preparedness” web page then... Mine is Archimedes of Syracuse (250 BC), what is yours?
  12. Meaning of your username?

    You are a saint. All mine were strays too and they bring so much joy to my life.
  13. Meaning of your username?

    Saw this on BuzzFeed, said to the wife that Smoothie Bowls” would make a great user name...
  14. Meaning of your username?

    Banaltracht, Slainte!
  15. Meaning of your username?

    My user name is my surname...