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GNodoubtfan LPN

Long Term Care, Ventilation, Enteral Care, R/T
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GNodoubtfan has 1 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Long Term Care, Ventilation, Enteral Care, R/T.

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  1. GNodoubtfan

    Article Contest: How is the Covid 19 Affecting Your Life?

    I'm working in a respiratory vent center in Wisconsin and we're taking all the needed precautions very seriously. Luckily we have a tunnel that connects to a hospital so none of our residents have to leave essentially. We're all taking it day by day, knowing we'll get past this. Only thing I'd have to complain about is I'm working 70+ hours a week, but my residents come first.
  2. GNodoubtfan

    LPN to RN

    So I finally finished the LPN qualifying portion of RN school and passed my NCLEX after completing the minimum amount of questions. I am currently working in a ventilation center caring for patients, and getting in great experience as a nurse even at the LPN level. My question is, I want to move on to the RN or BSN, but my local school says it's full time... or not at all. Does anyone out there know of any programs in any states that will let me attend part time? Take the lecture classes online? I don't qualify for any more financial aid/loans so everything will be out of pocket. I'm in Wisconsin, but if the situation is right, willing to move somewhere to take the RN classes part time, and I also have a multi-state license.
  3. GNodoubtfan

    Nursing School with an expunged record

    This is my first semester in the pre-program for nursing. I am currently attending college in Wisconsin. Here is my inquiry: I knew that when I entered the program, that a background check would be done and ultimately, a battery charge that I had expunged 15 years ago would come up. I was honest about it, gave the facts of the situation and the information was put in my student file. My predicament now is, I was not originally charged with that. I was originally charged with Child Abuse- Intentional Bodily Harm because I was in a fight with my sister who a the time was 15 and I was 17. It was dropped down to battery and because I had never been in trouble before and haven't since, (not even a speeding ticket) it was expunged. The school informed me that even being charged with that could hinder my ability to get into school. Is there anything I can do to convince the DON to let me in? I have gathered over 30 letters of recommendation from people showing that I would make a great nurse and as of right now, am getting a 4.0. Any thoughts?

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