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  1. So i applied for regis' traditional and choice programs. I got accepted to the traditional program. Has anyone gone through the traditional program and worked? I currently work 3 12 hr shifts and really need to be able to keep my job as i have a family to support.
  2. ajwilmoth

    Christmas fun for my patients

    Last year they did the ugly Christmas sweater for tge holidays. I want to do something fun (Im the fun coordinator at my facility) for my patuents this year, but I am at a complete loss. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I have a couple questions - I'm seriously considering applying to DSN. I have a great GPA (currently 4.0) and only a semester left before I can apply. My issue is I have no health care experience, as I cannot make even half of what I make now without a degree in the medical field and I have a family to support. Is it still possible to be accepted? Also, according to their website they accept federal financial aid? I see a lot of people talk about the expense - has anyone had help with financial aid? Thanks for all your help!