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  1. Louisville hospital jobs

    Talked to HR and some current nurses. Baptist's WOW program is a Baylor, meaning you work 2 days, they pay you for 3. They also pay benefits to part time staff. Further, as of a couple months ago, they were offering $20k bonus if you have 2 years exp...
  2. New ADN Grad....which hospitals in Louisville hire ADN's?

    I'm a traveler in Louisville. I know most of the hospitals will hire ADN but strongly prefer BSN. As far as your license goes, KY and TX are both compact states though so you should be good.
  3. Where are all the jobs?

    Some of your diffilculty may be related to hospitals pursuing magnet status and trying to increase the # of BSN RNs vs LPNs and LVNs. The hospital I most recently worked at might have 50 RN jobs listed at any given time and only 1-2 LPN jobs.
  4. The 10 Best Cities for Registered Nurses

    Houston; bleh. I think these lists are fairly short-sighted as they are dealing only with tangeable financial benefits. With an awesome profession that (often) allows us to have 4 days off a week, proximity to recreation is important to me. I just le...
  5. Salt Lake City Area Hospital Overview

    Interested in travel nursing in SLC or near a Utah ski resort. Do any of ya'll know if hospitals near the slopes hire seasonal nurses over the winter? Or do you know of how regularly travel nurses are utilized by SLC hospitals? Thanks in advance.
  6. Louisville hospital jobs

    Where do you see that Baptist is offering sign-on bonuses?
  7. Louisville hospital jobs

    Does anybody know about weekend only and/or Baylor programs? Any hospitals in the area still doing those? What about weekend shift differentials? I've also heard that due to shortages, the KentuckyOne hospitals offer bonus pay for short shifts. Any a...
  8. Louisville hospital jobs

    Very helpful information on this thread, thanks to all. I'm currently working a travel assignment at Baptist. There are definitely people leaving for Norton but nobody seems to be able to say why. They're about to switch from McKesson to Epic so som...
  9. Vail Valley Medical Center

    Going to look again at Summit County and VVMC seasonal positions this year. How's the traveling going Argo?
  10. Nursing Salaries Lousville, KY 15/16

    Anybody? Louisville Hospital pay rates and shift differentials? Availability of overtime? Please and thank you.
  11. Louisville ky breckinridge school of nursing

    you asked, "what are some job opportunities available?" He responded, "the patient does not hire or pay you- the hospital does." He did answer your question, you should be thankful.
  12. Just moved to the area on a 3 month travel contract. I'm planning on staying in the area for a few years though. I was hoping to get an idea of about what hourly rates are. I'll be 2 years experience once my contract is up. Critical care. Also intere...
  13. Utah RN pay, Salt Lake City area

    Does anyone know if their hospitals in Utah use travelers? Ever heard about what they make? I'd love to take a winter travel assignment in SLC.
  14. Vail Valley Medical Center

    Hoping some seasonal assignments start being posted in the next month or two. Argo, are you still working there? Things going ok?
  15. Vail seasonal employment

    I've checked their website fairly regularly, year-round and haven't seen the seasonal positions listed yet. Anybody have insight as to when these show up and if they're in the normal career section. Thanks! -Joe