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  1. Has anyone applied for the George Washington University (GWU) Accelerated/Veteran's BSN program for the Spring 2020 cohort?
  2. Thank you so much @totoroll! This is very helpful. I really appreciate it!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone who is in the accelerated BSN program at GW or someone who already completed the program could provide me with a sample schedule of how courses, labs, and clinicals are laid out in a typical week (what days of the weeks classes/labs/clinicals were, how many hours they were each). I know each semester is different with the number of credits, but anything will be helpful! As a mother to a young child, I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into before applying and so I can get a plan in place. Thank you so much!
  4. JainieS

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    Hello, I'd love to get a sample schedule of what classes are like in a given week (examples of what is the layout of classes, lectures, lab, clinical breakdown for each day and for how many hours)? I'm looking into the accelerated BSN program at GW, but with a baby, I'd like to have an idea of how much time I would be away from home each day during the week. Thank you!
  5. JainieS

    NVCC Spring 2016 Online Hybrid

    Hi everyone, I know this is looking ahead in advance, but I'm just starting to scope out nursing programs and want to give myself time to take some of the pre-requisites before applying. I'm looking to do the online hybrid track and had a few questions. I also have a Bachelors and Masters in non-nursing fields. 1) When they say that college science courses will not be accepted if it has been longer than 10 years since you last took them, are they referring to just the Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology courses? Does this pertain to Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 as well? I took biology and chemistry both in high school and college, but it's been more than 10 years for both. The Online Hybrid brochure checklist on the NVCC website states the 10 year rule in the same sentence as the Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and Microbiology portion, but not with the biology and chemistry section. Can someone clarify this for me? Thank you! 2) Can anyone currently in the Online Hybrid track give insight on how your schedule is like each week? I'm currently a stay at home mom who took a break after getting my Masters in Public Health and working. So I want to see how doable the program could be for me and whether the flexibility of the Online Hybrid track would be better for me than the Traditional track. 3) Does anyone know if the ADN-BSN-MSN program at GW accepts the NAS 161 and 162 in place of Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Intro to Microbiology/General Microbiology? Or would it be smarter to take the 3 classes separately?