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  1. Respirator Fit Testing - Non Detection of Bitrix Solution

    Just to be clear, Bitrix does not have an odor. Bitrix is a "taste", so they need to breathe with their mouth open, and you need to instruct them to let you know if they taste the bitter. It's pretty bitter, like "ear wax bitter". Also, there shoul...
  2. First job - HIV unit

    Soooo, how is your job going???
  3. Bacteria or Virus?

    That's a loaded question. My first concern is to determine if we need to institute transmission-based precautions to prevent spread of disease. We may not have the "bug" isolated and know what we are treating for awhile. The nurse's role is not to...
  4. Why do we hate admissions?

    When I worked on the Acute floor, if I had a pending d/c, then I would be getting the next admit. That was hard, all the paperwork, education, etc for the d/c then to turn around and the first admit was stressful--meanwhile having other patients tak...
  5. Need feedback from Nurse Managers

    I have a short paper to write this weekend for my RN to BSN program. I need information from nurse managers. If you could please answer briefly the following questions (short and sweet is fine), I need to use them in my paper. *Why did you choose ...