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  1. Ryyum

    Who's in the driver's seat? Therapy or MDS

    If the patient is not getting any therapy, only skilled nursing, The earliest I would do a 5th day PPS assessment is on the 7th day just to capture 7 days of any nursing service...example, respiratory treatments. If the patient is on rehab they generally do it on the 7th or 8th day to capture at least 5 days of treatment if the orders for therapy are for 5x/week. The therapy manager didn't have to be semi nasty about it though! :)
  2. Ryyum

    MDS at VA (veterans affairs)?

    Has anyone worked for the VA geriatric doing MDS? I've been doing MDS in my snf for nearly 10 years...i like the place but looking for something fresh and different...and ive seen job postings for mds at VA. what is it like doing MDS for VA? The routine, caseloads, software, environment, working with therapists and other disciplines? How is it different from snf? Do they even use the same manuals and guidelines? I'm so curious about this totally different area of MDS...if it's any different at all. thanks for any stories and comments!
  3. Ryyum

    How Long Did It Take To Have A Good Grasp of MDS/RNAC Job?

    Hi Michelle. In response to your question about understanding omras...when cms implemented the COT back in 2011 or so, it literally took me about a year to fully and completely understand it, reading it and rereading it... Fortunately at the time, our rehab staff was so awesome I didn't have to worry about them as they understood it from the get go and they did all the brain work with regards to setting the correct Ard's....and also to avoid having to do them by setting the cot in certain windows. It wasn't until I understood the thing that I was able to cross check them. EOT and SOTs were fairly simple though. Good luck to you and I hope you find a facility that has a better environment.