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  1. Flushing IV site

    I was reprimanded by an IV nurse at the bedside, after she observed me not flushing a peripheral IV site after I disconnected his NS infusion. Can anyone explain why I need to us an NS flush to flush a IV site when they had NS running? I always ...
  2. Trend for PT doing RN role?

    Thank you Kaisu, That is what I thought. I have concerns about setting up home health without SN, just PT. I think pt will be at risk if they develop post op complication, such as infection. But this is what they want us to do. I was just wondering h...
  3. Trend for PT doing RN role?

    Thank you for your comments
  4. Trend for PT doing RN role?

    I've recently started a new role as an Acute Care CM at a hospital. Part of my job is to arrange Home Health care for Ortho patients, usually post op joints. Now we are being told not to order SN (skilled nurse) for these patients as PT can fill that...