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  1. Sodium bicarb for mucositis

    I work on an inpatient oncology unit and we would like to provide sodium bicarb and salt to make an oral rinse for patients with mucositis. A typical bicarb box is not going to pass infection control standards - cardboard, multi use, etc. I would lov...
  2. MUSC ABSN Fall 2016

    My daughter's letter arrived today!! She got in! (I'm a nurse, but happened across this thread while waiting on her letter.)
  3. I am looking for some advice on doing a one-time travel gig. My husband passed away last year and I feel very drawn to traveling. However, I don't want to sell my house or completely leave my life here. I love my hospital, I love my job. Is it at...
  4. UTA RN to BSN Online Fall 2014

    I started Professional Nursing this week! Excited to get going on my BSN. I would love to have some email "friends" during this semester if anyone else is starting Professional Nursing 9/22 - I think I saw a few of you. Laura (masonest at gmail)