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Med-surg, sub acute rehab
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Kb_RN17 is a BSN and specializes in Med-surg, sub acute rehab.

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  1. Kb_RN17

    Thorek Memorial Hospital

    I have an interview soon with Thorek for med surg. Can anyone message me pvt or response on any nursing experience there. I've only had 4 years nursing experience at a skilled nursing home.
  2. Hi, I've worked at a skilled nursing home for 4 years as a nurse(LPN to RN) and I just finally for my bachelors of nursing so I can transition to a hospital setting. I'm having a hard time getting into a hospital bc I don't have one year experience in a hospital or acute setting. I mostly work in the sub acute at the nursing home. It's hard I get 25-28 pts and I do all the vitals signs and blood sugars and I do sly of patient hands on care (cna work) and 95% of the time I don't take a break ... I got a call back from Kindred hospital but I'm not reading good things about them. But I'm thinking is a nursing home worse than kindred? If so... Maybe I can survive kindred hospital.??anyone have input on kindred Chicago north off melrose med surg unit?