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chylerlove has 5 years experience and specializes in ER, Neuro, Trauma, Educator.

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  1. an ICU nursing book please?

    I love "hemodynamic monitoring made incredibly visual". i moved to the ICU after 5 years of nursing (ER and med/surg) and it continues to be a great reference. Good Luck!
  2. What path would be easier to get a job in with no experience?

    I felt alot like you when I was in school: I loved to learn and was already looking for the next degree! I graduated with my BSN and got the only job I could at the time (med/surg) and wouldn't trade the experience for anything! I think the best way...
  3. Lied to in Interview

    PLEASE think really hard about this... nurses leave jobs all the time, heck, PEOPLE in general leave jobs. Employers expect this. I am only writing because I have let a lot of amazing positions pass me up and missed opportunities to grow all for the ...
  4. Systemic Infection vs Sepsis

    Someone just posted an article about this on AN :)
  5. Systemic Infection vs Sepsis

    Good point, you are right. I assumed from the comment that the OP was asking about them in relation to each so thank you for the clarification :)
  6. Systemic Infection vs Sepsis

    Hi! the way i think about SIRS vs. Sepsis is that they are a continuum instead of a "vs." situation. Check out this infographic: Let me know if that h...
  7. Words You Hate

    Not really nursing related but the word "moist" has always grossed me out and I hate it
  8. Words You Hate

    Ugh "pulmonary toilet" is one of the documentation options on our EHR care plans. Agreed that is sounds gross and could easily be rephrased.
  9. Where do I belong?

    Hi There! I am coming up on 5 years experience and currently have 1 year in the ED. I worked on a fast paced Neuro med/surg floor prior. A few things that you might want to think about What bothers you about non-emergent pts (bear with me here becau...
  10. Do you go to work with parabens on you?

    I wish i got up early enough to even consider putting on beautifying parabens prior to my shift....
  11. Post ops coming back to ED as "holding" patients

    No, they have to go to PACU and stay there until a bed is ready. Patient's from surgery get "first dibs" on beds bc those are not licensed beds and legally cannot be used for inpatient or obs beds. That means the ED gets backed up with admissions bc ...
  12. Making the Minutes Matter

    Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading this and found that some of your strategies are applicable no matter what specialty of nursing you practice. Thank you! :)
  13. is it okay to buy littmann stethoscopes in Amazon?

    I bought mine there and it saved me at least $75. If you are worried check the return policy, product review, seller ratings, etc. :)
  14. Help with scrub pant brand

    Heart and soul brand usually has a heart button on the front or back pockets of their scrubs. However they usually have their logo embroidered on the waistbands so even if your tag was ripped out you probably would have been able to see it... but i t...
  15. The Silent Victims of Human Trafficking

    Thank you very much for this! I recently read another article and there is so much that we could miss during our assessment. Awareness and education is key! I'm seeing more and more publicity on the topic, do you guys know if any state BONs are requi...