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  1. LPNDanielle14

    Reproductive Health Exam

    awesome, thank you for the advice! I have a little over one week to complete my studying! hope this is enough!
  2. LPNDanielle14

    Reproductive Health Exam

    hey everyone, Studying and prepping for repro to test in two weeks, unfortunately I failed my first attempt. any tips for me? I have study group 101 materials, should this be sufficient? Thanks and God bless!
  3. LPNDanielle14

    Reproductive Health Tips

    Hey Everyone, I am studying now for Reproductive Health, and taking it in two weeks. any tips? unfortunately i failed on my first attempt! I have study group 101, should reviewing that be enough? thanks and god bless!
  4. LPNDanielle14

    How long does it take to complete info literacy via excelsior?

    Hey everyone, I just passed Intro to Lit! I have to say it was more stressful than I had imagined! A lot of questions scattered! But luckily I passed, now to focus on LS 1!
  5. LPNDanielle14

    Excelsior college study group

    Anyone in the MA/ NH Area currently enrolled in Excelsior College that would be interested in a study group?
  6. LPNDanielle14

    Advice on reproductive health exam

    Hey everyone, I am taking excelsior college Reproductive health exam tomorrow afternoon, I have been studying and I have taken the two practice tests that the school offers. However, I have gotten a 50% on both of them... Do you think I am totally screwed for the test tomorrow?
  7. LPNDanielle14

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    "Maybe if we turn the lights off the patients will think its time to go to sleep." :***:
  8. LPNDanielle14

    Contemp Math

    Hey everyone! I am starting to study for contempt math via excelsior college... this seems like an awful lot of useless math for a one credit course. Did anyone else take this class? OR, what other math class did you take so you did not have to take this one? ANSWERS asap would be amazing!! THANKS!
  9. LPNDanielle14

    Very Impressed with Studygroup101

    How do you buy study group 101?