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    New grad just hired

    You will get the hang of it! I graduated and passed my NCLEX-PN from April-May and got hired in July at a SNF. The day shift is, well, like a roadrunner. I had to pick up time management skills ASAP! Here is some advice: 1. Your morning priorities should be the insulins, mobile patients (they will take off!), IV check-offs, and continuous feeding/breathing treatments checks as soon as you arrive 0700. 2. Your next priority should be the immobile bolus feedings, immobile meds, treatment checks (wounds, skin, etc..) 0830-1100. 3. Depending on when their lunch comes, if you have over 6 blood sugars to do I would start 15 to 30 minutes earlier! You don't want to have to call the MD for readings over 400 because they get very unreasonable! 4. HOPEFULLY your morning meds are passed then....HA! 5. Do your afternoon med passes/breathing treatments/feedings. 6. Catch up with labs/MD phone calls/orders. 7. RUN to breakroom and wolf down a small sandwich (do not bring huge meals!). 8. Run back, prepare for the first wave of afternoon family coming to harrass you while you stay late charting. Oh, keep paper to jot down notes in short hand for each patient so charting isn't difficult and you can answer the MD's inevitable questions!