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  1. sakygen

    Full time RN- Part time Real Estate agent?

    I became a real estate agent Full time July 20,2018 and kept per diem status. My brokerage didn’t allow me to do full time RN and part time agent because they will train me and expect me to be full time. I accepted at that time and good thing I did. It was scary but I sold 18 homes from July ‘18 to July ‘19 and most of my clients are nurses. I’m targeting to sell 30 homes this year. I also took advantage of the fact that I’m a nurse and I go by #realtorinscrubs. I now resigned as a nurse because I don’t want to neglect my family time which is the only reason I quit nursing. Follow your passion man. A lot of people told me I’m stupid for quitting nursing but I make twice as much money in RE than I would make as a nurse. It all depends on how you work it. It takes a lot of time, persistence and dedication. But then again, there is an 84% failure rate in Real Estate and you’re not a bad person/salesman if you feel that Real Estate is not for you. Best Regards, Clark Andrew Kiat-ong Coldwell Banker Premier Realty 7028067192
  2. sakygen

    Las Vegas New Grad 2013 - 2014 Programs

    Oh wow it has been years. Valley Health System always hires new graduates. However a lot of people I know started in surgery centers who are always hiring new nurses by the way and they get trained to start IVs daily. But then I know some new grads who waited for a long time but got their dream job like PICU because they can afford to wait it out and you can do that as long as you can afford it.
  3. sakygen

    I HATE bedside nursing

    I work for Medicare QIO as a quality nurse and I liked the job that it doesn't feel like a job to me as I work in front of the computer which I usually do even if I'm not working and I'm making more money than if I was working in a hospital (But I still do work bedside per diem). There are a lot of opportunities outside hospitals. I have friends who are making over 100k annually doing home visits under insurance companies (great benefits and hours too as long as it is under a big insurance company and not the small private ones ) You could work for quality department, appeals and grievance department for insurance companies (requires at least 1-2 years experience typically). You could go to utility review or case management (usually requires BSN with 3 years experience). So yeah just do your 1 year and do your thang!
  4. sakygen

    Las Vegas New Grad 2013 - 2014 Programs

    Hi nurse_pebbles, yes I do since last year :)
  5. sakygen

    Las Vegas New Grad 2013 - 2014 Programs

    Congratulations! When do they usually hire New Grads at UMC? I tried applying to everything and I got frustrated and risked myself getting in an agency (they considered my prior RN experience in another country) and it worked well but I wouldn't recommend to everyone.
  6. Yeah I am not making stuff up. They told me that if I want to endorse my license I would still need to take MS and OB at a certified school. I already got evaluated by the BON of CA and they denied me when I applied in 2012.
  7. We were not granted an ATT when we applied in 2012 because of the concurreny issue that's why we moved and worked as RNs in Nevada instead. The CRC has been there for decades and it's only these past years that they enforced it so they can block foreign graduates from stealing jobs of local graduates as California RN New Grads have a 43% unemployment rate. It's like we are like treated as illegal mexican immigrants and they are the border patrol LOL. For me that move of the CA BON to be strict on requirements is an economical rather than a technical issue.
  8. sakygen

    Nevada NCLEX for international graduates.

    Any working RNs now here in Nevada? Where do you work at?
  9. In 2011 some of my batchmates from the Philippines who applied were granted an ATT as they don't have any cases after graduation. Some were denied and they showed me their letter that they were denied as they have cases after graduation. A bunch of us applied in 2012 and we were all denied even though we don't have any cases after graduation but because our cases were not 'concurrent' with the semester we took the subjects. There is a big inconsistency on the part of the CA BON. I got licensed and started working as a nurse here in Las Vegas, NV and when I called about reciprocity to CA BON I was told the same requirements of me having to take up classes before I get my license endorsed to California is still in place. Oh well goodbye California maybe I'll be back when I finish my FNP.
  10. sakygen

    failed TOEFL twice... Need to take an ESL course!

    Notefull on youtube has a lot of insights. Each of the speaking tests they have are similar to what the guys from Notefull has. I advise to structure your answers as if you are reading a script when answering during the speaking test. That's what I did and it went well.
  11. I think on the requirements it is specified that they won't accept IELTS anymore. 26 is minimum requirement for TOEFL speaking test. You could try the Pearson Test of English Academy instead.
  12. That's really funny. I had a lot of acquaintances who were 2006-2011 graduates from the Philippines who were able to take the NCLEX for CA. My batchmates who did not have any cases after graduation and who applied in 2011 were able to take the NCLEX for California. I applied in 2012 where they changed their requirements that cases must be done in the same semester. CA BON is a lot of BS with their inconsistencies. They are freaking overrated
  13. If you are a 2009 graduate you shouldn't have a problem even if you apply in CA where its a lot stricter. It mostly affects 2010 and up. I have a friend who is an 09 batch and he didn't take take the TOEFL but instead took the Pearson test of English Academy which accordingly is a lot easier than the former.
  14. No actually the PRC one is not needed but I still got it signed anyway to be sure. Great! Im from Henderson. Once CGFNS got your papers fast they would automatically review it so I think it would be good if you give a heads up to your Dean or the Assistant who will fill up your papers to not mess up your clinical hours and subjects on MS, OB, Psyche as some were required to take MS II (They offer just this subject at College of So.Nevada just in case they require that you take this class). They issued my ATT 1 week after they received my files. You already had your english test done i presume?
  15. I would suggest having someone else deliver the necessary papers to the school to make sure that they get it. Your paper might get lost in transition who knows. I know my school well enough that I needed to pay them extra 'processing fee and mailing fee' so they would send the papers to CGFNS and that's fine with me as long as I know the papers are sent. Good luck on the application. Where in Nevada are you planning to work?
  16. I don't think so but you need to call them to verify. Don't worry they won't put you on hold for an hour unlike CA BoN