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  1. kwency29

    NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    Which state are you? I've heard they goin to ask for initial exm application after a yr that you ddnt retake the exam?
  2. kwency29

    NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    Me too..do u know which is better to take kaplaan or ncsbn?? Its very hard to focus when your working and have a lil toddler this study support group will be helpful.
  3. kwency29

    Failed NCLEX-RN... what now?

    Hi. I also failed last month ..are uou planning to retale again soon?
  4. Hey everyone.. I'm looking someone that needs help also to pass nclex.. like a study buddies. I have a son and I work 4 days in a week and I don't know much people here in seattle that can help motivate me more and focus on my nclex..

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