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  1. charliecharlie

    Can I take Sudafed? Well I did..TPAPN

    Get a prescription for the Sudafed from your physician. It's a class B drug that's allowed as long as you have a prescription.
  2. charliecharlie

    TPAPN 3rd year

    Is anyone in their 3rd year of TPAPN since they switched to a 3 year minimum? I had heard there would be less monitoring (less testing) in the 3rd year, so I'm wondering if that has turned out to be true. Thanks.
  3. charliecharlie

    TPAPN & Weekends

    FYI, I was looking at the minutes from the Texas BON April 2015 board meeting, and noticed this: Denise Benbow reported that the Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) Advisory Committee met on March 6, 2015. Program changes include the addition of weekend drug testing in areas of the state where collection sites are open and TPAPN forms are being moved to an online format. https://www.bon.texas.gov/pdfs/board_meetings_pdfs/2015/July/Minutes.pdf
  4. charliecharlie

    Positive Drug Test

    Not me. If you don't mind me asking, how were you notified? Did the CM call, or were the results on RT?
  5. charliecharlie

    Would you tell the BON about brief relapse?

    Does your BON ask about sobriety date? Ours asks about treatment for alcoholism, etc, in the last 5 years. this is my opinion only, and it may not be popular: Unless they ask specifically about relapse, I wouldn't volunteer it. All the people don't need to know all the things.
  6. charliecharlie

    Meetings without being mandated

    Also, if for some reason the BON does find out through other means, you will have a history of attending AA meetings on your side. If really worried about that, keep a record of meetings you have attended. cc
  7. charliecharlie

    Meetings without being mandated

    AA meetings are Anonymous. If you are "seen" and reported, there is no way for them to verify your attendance. Also, simply attending an AA meeting doesn't necessarily mean the person has an active or even prior drinking problem. Don't make fear of being caught keep you from seeking help. cc
  8. Ali, which CRNA blog are you referring to? Can you provide a link?
  9. Where did you get the information that TPAPN was considering requiring nurse support meetings? Can they change this in the middle of your contract? This doesn't sound right. Also, where is current meeting you alluded to in your earlier message?
  10. charliecharlie

    Safe medications when being monitored...

    The Talbott Medication Guide is a good guide to safe drugs. Claritin (not Claritin D) is considered safe as a Class C Drug, although I would certainly verify that with your state. http://www.talbottcampus.com/pdf/MedGuide.pdf

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