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  1. vool

    Skills needed to transition into Home Health

    Everything else is just regular nurse stuff. In fact, it's usually easier as the patients are less acute than the hospital, however, 1. Don't work for staffing. With PDGM, the home care agencies would love to keep their patients to themselves instead of outsourcing. 2. Try not to bring home your notes. If you do, complete before midnight. The billing cycles are gonna be short, so you efficiency is gonna make the company their money. If you slack, the companies will see you as a loss and you won't get more patients. 3. May be work for more than one agencies. Because of the cap on PT visits, they are trying to reduce nursing visits and teaching therapists to do basic nursing stuff such as easy wound care or INR checks. Working for more companies assures you enough patients. Feeling overwhelmed, just say no! That's the beauty of home health Good luck!
  2. vool

    Men in home health

    Can't believe this was 10 years ago! Have been a home health nurse since about a year and a half. Rarely patients refuse my care because I am a male. At any point, I usually have the case load of about 25-30 patients per week. Although, I do understand your point about a "doctor in training". I am, in fact, completing my premed right now to go back to med school. When patients ask me if I am going to school to be a doctor, and I respond with this answer, I immediately follow up to clear their prejudice regarding male nurses. I tell that that I am going back to challenge myself in terms of the depth of the knowledge and my interest in radiology. I am basically an exception. If I was interested in family medicine, I would have gone to FNP route. If I liked anesthesia, I would have done CRNA. If I liked critical care, I could same thigns as a ICU ACNP. Not all male nurses are doctors in training.
  3. vool

    HFCC Winter 2015 Nursing

    I had applied in selective admission. I got the letter from the nursing school that I have been chosen as an alternative. If the seats fall empty, I might get a shot.