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  1. suprmedic

    RN or NP--Help!

    Saw your PM but I am unable to respond for some reason. I do know of FNP's in the San Bernardino area that would be able to have you come by for a few hours and have you shadow them. suprmedic1 at yahoo is my email address. I am working inpatient as a FNP but my wife is a FNP and works outpatient. The school I went to is now a DNP program- most are heading in that direction. The cost you quoted is very low and I think I would jump on it. My program was near 65k total....
  2. suprmedic

    Please help me (depression)!!!!

    I do not think anyone will be bold enough to post questions that they saw on the exam. I passed the AANP in September and I would say the right formula, for me, was the Leik review book, the APEA questions book with CD's and I had the fitzgerald CD's. APEA were better CD's. Leik's questions were similar to the exam, the CD's are good for concepts.... hope this helps.
  3. suprmedic

    NP role in the Neuro ICU

    Just a quick response.... I am a new grad NP that is part of a 8 "person" team that consists of 7 NP's and a PA in neurocritical care unit. I work at a large tertiary care center with a level 1 trauma, full neurosurgical coverage, Neuro IR etc. We manage the neurology and neurosurg patients while they are in the ICU. Our role is that we see 3-6 patients a day and are responsible for assessing, ordering, writing the progress note and chiefing each patient to the attending MD whom makes changes if they feel the need. In general mid level providers are having an expansion in neurocritical care nation wide and- so far- has been a challenging yet rewarding position.
  4. suprmedic

    California board of nursing

    Hi Favorjoy- Yes- license came finally! Remember in California that when you get your license you still need to get the furnishing license so that you can prescribe medications.
  5. suprmedic

    A fnp as a hospitalist?

    Google consensus model of APRN's- There are some issues with the FNP doing an acute care NP mostly because of the training of the FNP and acute care NP are so different. Specifically it says that NP practice should be based on training and curriculum and not by their previous experience. That being said- I am a new grad FNP and I have taken a position as a Neuro- critical care NP..... The hiring physician group knows me- has worked with me over the past years and trusts that I will do a good job.
  6. suprmedic

    California Board of Nursing

    Hey- I know many out there are having issues with the CA BRN- Things like missing transcripts, no return of phone calls or emails, excessive wait times for licenses and furnishing numbers etc. I would encourage you all to write to the California State Assembly- Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection. They oversee the department of consumer affairs- that oversees the CA BRN. If they do not know there is a problem with our BRN they can't fix it. Let them know- write a letter explaining your situation.
  7. suprmedic

    Broke and unemployed

    Indeed.com is a great website that you can post a resume to and employers contact you. Also a ton of local and national listings. Good luck- keep your head up.
  8. suprmedic

    Passed AANP without live review?

    There is no need for the live review. You have the tools needed already with the books and CD's. I read the Leik book, listened to each section of the Hollier cd's and did her question book. That was more than enough.
  9. suprmedic

    California board of nursing

    OMG- The California board of nursing is terrible. I called them yesterday to check on my NP license status and after about an hour I was finally able to get to a live person. They told me that current processing times are about 14 weeks total- yes- 14 weeks to process something that should be automated. The department of consumer affairs DCA takes about 8-10 weeks just to process the check and forward to the state. How sad is this? I have a job- and am hoping that they will wait for me.
  10. suprmedic

    NP Salary

    Started as a RN 15 years ago making 16.50 hr. Now making 43.50 HR here in Southern California Took a job here- same hospital- making 100K/ or $48/hr
  11. suprmedic

    Preparing for classes

    Mallysmama- I'm a converted microsoft guy. I went with a 13 inch Apple Macbook air for my studies. It is durable, super light and fast enough for even the largest of power points. The battery lasts about 12 hours as well. What I found the greets use for this computer is that it will dictate notes for you. If you hit the function button twice in any program and start talking it will type it for you. I would have my text book open and make notes without having to type. Then when it is time for review and your eyes are tired the Mac can read you back your notes... Awesome. I dressed very casual at my school and used a backpack.
  12. suprmedic

    List of 100% Online Acute Care NP Programs

    Futureeastcoastnp- I'm not sure why there is such a needs to"smack people around". There are many ways of learning- I did my BSN online and my FNP in a traditional school. ACNP school involves doing countless hours of clinicals as well as didactic work that ensures that a proper education is given.
  13. suprmedic

    AANP exam

    I don't think that you need to spend a ton of time preparing for medication questions- I did not read anything more than meds that were part of a treatment for whatever I was studying. I feel like the combination of the Leik and APEA question books worked well for me and the familynpprep was good, not great, in simulating the testing experience. As far as feeling ready for the exam? No, I felt like I could have spent a few more weeks studying but I wanted to give it a shot.
  14. suprmedic

    Failed AANP

    Whalen- I passed the AANP this week- I studied by reading a subject in Leik, then listening to the same subject in the APEA CD's then reviewing APEA's question book on the subject. Then- move to the next subject and repeat. I also took the AANP practice exam, familyNP 10 pack of exams, and two of the APEA practice exams. I feel like the best way to approach the test is subject by subject and do not move forward until you have a good grasp on the content you are studying. The practice exams tease out areas where you need to read up on.
  15. suprmedic

    AANP exam

    OK- After reading so many threads on the AANP over the last few weeks here at allnurses I figured I would give my input. I graduated two weeks ago and took the exam today and passed. Some quick reminders- 1. The pass rate is around 89-91% for the FNP exam- so relax-take a deep breath and remember that 9 out of 10 walk out of the testing room with a passing score. 2. Prepare as if you might be the 1 out of 10. What I studied in the last 10 days? I used the Leik intensive review- after each section I listened to the APEA/ Hollier CD that corresponded and then did the APEA questions book that corresponded to the subject. This reinforced each subject from different perspectives. Practice exams? I used the familynpprep- 10 pack- and consistently scored in the mid to high 70's (550ish) During the summer quarter I took the AANP practice exam and got a 78 and I took two APEA predictor exams- one I got a 75 and the other a 80 (school paid for it) Accumulative effect- For me- the practice tests prepared me for test environment and train of thinking for the exam- none of them mimicked the exam exactly- but together they were very helpful. Studying by reading each subject in Leik- then hearing them via the Hollier discs- then doing questions helped reinforce themes- some of which I had not looked at in quarters. All in all I would say that- you can do this- organize your study method-and understand that- hey- if you do not pass the first time you can take it again.... this concept decreased my test day anxiety.