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  1. URI RN to BSjust

    Join the Facebook group URI RN to BSN online
  2. URI RN to BSjust

    There is a woman in my class that has been out of school for more than 20 years and she is now getting back to it. So don't feel discouraged! She's doing very well with a full time job and with small grandchildren
  3. URI RN to BSjust

    Yes, the gen eds are 7 weeks too. But each semester only has like 1 or 2 gen eds. They don't have a large selection. I haven't taken any gen eds yet but from the looks of my academic audit, I need 2 or 3 courses so about 6 or 9 credits
  4. URI RN to BSjust

    I've taken nurs 247, 347, 253 and now 447. I've also taken BPS 333 So far 447 has been the craziest amount of work. Most assignments are due thursdays and sundays. this program hasn't been terrible but they only have a small amount of gen eds per sem...
  5. URI RN to BSjust

    It takes me a bit longer because most assignments were writing and I'm very bad at writing.
  6. URI RN to BSjust

    Sometimes I wasn't able to finish the readings. But I still did well on the assignments. I work from 3 to 1130 and after work I did readings or homework until 4 am. On my days off it was to do schoolwork. It is doable though. Just gotta be self motiv...
  7. URI RN to BSjust

    Every week is a bit different. Some weeks are more reading heavy and others there would be like 1 or two chapters plus articles and videos. I would say maybe 20 hours a week or so.
  8. URI RN to BSjust

    Yes Sakai. And before classes begin they will post up a tutorial on how to use Sakai. That's very helpful. But nur 247 will also give you a tutorial and each assignment helps you navigate Sakai and they go over it with you.
  9. URI RN to BSjust

    It seems like every class, the assignments are due Thursdays and Sundays. I will be taking nursing research in march and maybe an elective
  10. URI RN to BSjust

    A lot of people had issues with Nursing pharmacology because the professor kept changing the quiz rules midway throh the semester. At the beginning we were allowed to do the quiz as many times as we wanted until the due date and the highest score was...
  11. URI RN to BSjust

    I actually decided to start this month instead ofarch. Right now I am taking nursing pharmacology and introduction the professional nursing. So far it's going well. Nursing pharmacology entails reading chapters, homework assignments, forum questions ...
  12. so many falls!

    You guys all make me feel so much better! Sometimes I feel like I'm a bad nurse. But it just seems like higher authority figures are just setting me up to mess up and not succeed.
  13. so many falls!

    I love my residents! But sometimes it feels like there's a full moon and so many things are going on all at once. But I try my best to stay calm and get through the day. I just get down on myself a lot since I've only been a nurse for 4 months and I ...
  14. so many falls!

    She said she hasn't been a working RN in a longtime. I doubt shes worked there and shes definitely never worked there from 3 to 11 with the residents I have now.
  15. so many falls!

    Thanks everyone! Yes I'm going to be putting in applications. We've talked to our manager many times about adding at least one more aid in our shift but it doesn't seem like that's happening. Last night I had a fall and also a resident with Parkinson...