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  1. Nurse_Katina

    Field Case Manager

    This is what I do. I spend about half of my day in the field completing the visits that you mentioned, then the other half in my office completing/correcting paperwork. I do sometimes do nursing visits too, like weekly med sets, if we are short a field nurse. It's not part of my regular duties though and I am not expected to do both their job and mine. My case load is around 30 patients.
  2. Nurse_Katina

    Ortho/Neuro/Trauma Floor

    I am starting my first RN job on Monday. The floor I'm on is a combination of ortho, neuro, and trauma patients. It is a large hospital with a level one trauma center. My final clinical was on this floor, so I am at least somewhat familiar with what I am walking into. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions of what I could be studying to prepare myself for this adventure? Would I be better off revisiting the conditions I'm likely to see or pharmacology, or something else entirely? I'm nervous due to the large variety of patients this floor has, but also excited about the huge potential to learn so many different things. The hospital has a wonderful training program, and I am in no way being thrown to the wolves or anything like that. I'm just trying to use my time wisely to prepare for this. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated!
  3. Nurse_Katina

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    I got my letter from Fort Wayne last Wednesday. Accepted with a 127.
  4. Nurse_Katina

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    I work in an occupational health clinic and we do these physicals for people all the time. As long as you have some kind of paperwork that you had the vaccinations, the MD will most likely sign off on it for you. Ours do.
  5. Nurse_Katina

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    I think I read somewhere that the LPN program is required to go through the summer and the ASN program does not go through the summer.
  6. Nurse_Katina

    Ivy Tech Spring 2015 hopefuls!

    Fort Wayne Campus here- just got my letter. I didn't think I would get in, but I did! I cannot stop crying!