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  1. Fiona_

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    When I went to NYU I lived on campus for two years and off-campus for two years. NYU housing is slightly more expensive than living off campus and you might have a roommate, but you will be much closer to campus and the rooms are much much bigger. Laundry facilities and toilet paper are also included with housing. Every dorm has its own kitchen and bathroom. There is no way you could rent a room even half the size of the NYU dorms in Manhattan for the price that they offer.
  2. Fiona_

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    I'm going to go! I'm leaning towards attending a different school for financial reasons but I live in Jersey so I might as well check out the event to help solidify my decision.
  3. Fiona_

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    Congrats everyone else who was accepted!
  4. Fiona_

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    I WAS ACCEPTED!!! I'm so happy! I'm not sure if I'll attend though because I was also accepted to Felician College and it's half the price. I went to NYU for undergrad and the experience is definitely worth the price but I don't know if it's worth the price twice for two degrees, lol.
  5. Fiona_

    Felician College

    Hey everyone, I have been accepted to the Felician College Bachelors to BSN program that starts May 2015. I'm curious if anyone here has completed or is currently in the program and could give me some insight into what it's like, how the professors are, how the pace is, the clinicals, etc. Thanks :)

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