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  1. RNCEP74

    ***FYI Excelsior students can get Licensed in Cali***

    SB 1053 https://moorlach.cssrc.us/content/senate-bill-1053-nurse-licensure-compact https://trackbill.com/bill/california-senate-bill-1053-licensed-registered-nurses-and-licensed-vocational-nurses-nurse-licensure-compact/1899588/
  2. RNCEP74

    Preparing for travel in CA

    Argo, I am looking to start traveling with CVOR and looking to bundle shifts together so I can commute home Are you working 12s, 10s or 8s? Are the hospital's fine with having shifts bunched together and also with not taking call? Any tips are appreciated.
  3. RNCEP74

    Santa Rosa, CA Memorial OR

    I noticed this post is a few years old but was wondering CVORBOY how do you like traveling with CVOR. I'm considering to start traveling. I started in Texas but am now in Phoenix area and I'm looking to travel in the CA area. I just circulate, no scrub. Any advise or help its appreciated.
  4. RNCEP74

    CVOR Mayo vs Banner

    Dear AZ Nurses, I am moving back to AZ from Austin, TX and am applying for CVOR jobs. I've been a nurse for just over a year, all my time was in the OR/CVOR (and I love it). I don't know much about the hospitals and was wondering what you like and dislike about working for either system, pay, benefits, etc... Also if you have an insight into the cohesiveness of the OR/CVOR teams that would be appreciated as well. For Banner both the Heart and Estrella are hiring for CVOR. I have family all over the valley so for me location doesn't matter. Thank you for any information or help.