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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone knows the starting pay for new nurses at St Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach. Also any current employees can give me a feedback on the work environment there? thank you!
  2. michnc

    PASSED the NCLEX in 75 questions!

    Congrats! Thanks for the info! Can you please email the guide from the 3 nurses, michellern_0304@yahoo.comThank you!
  3. michnc

    How I Passed the NCLEX: Summer 2014 w/ NCLEX Book Review

    Hi NurseNelly24! Thank you for sharing, great info! I have most of the books you mentioned, and I am also doing the Kaplan review. I plan on taking the nclex at the end of October for the first time. I am going to send you an email. Thank you again! Congrats!! Go out there and be a great nurse!