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  1. juliegrace

    New Grad working in a registry

    The only training the agency could provide me is to work with someone (which is the person who helped me get the job) from the same agency. I will have to work with that person same shifts and unit until I will be able to manage on my own.. However, I will have my own patients and that person will have her own patients too. She could answer my questions and teach me procedures that i dont know, but she wont be able to stay with me all the time.. What do you think?
  2. juliegrace

    New Grad working in a registry

    Im a new grad and no luck so far with hospital jobs. However, someone can hook me up to work in a nursing registry. I'm thinking of doing that instead to gain experience. It's kinda scary but I'm willing to do it. Does anybody have success stories about new grads working in a registry? I know its possible, but what should I expect? How hard is it?
  3. juliegrace

    Define "New Grad"??

    I just got my license and I have applied to many hospitals, however, I have not gotten any call back yet. I want to work for the meantime in a home health agency, a clinic or a laser center coz I'm so broke If I do that, will I still be qualified to apply to a new grad program??