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  1. Pronunciation

    I think it is a regional thing. I'm from the south (GA) I say CENTimeters. In FL all the nurses I work with are Northerners and they say SONTimeters. I had never heard it pronounced that way untill I started working in FL.
  2. Paramedics who 'put down' nurses

    OH YES!!! Nurse Guy FL, try being an LPN in a LTC facility!!! Paramedics REALLY love to rag on us!!!! Although I have dealt with some really great ones.....but pretty rare!
  3. My really cool, doctor going above and beyond story

    God Bless that Man!
  4. need help with bedside care

    May I ask are you an LPN, RN or CNA? Not that means anything, just curious.
  5. How do you deal with lazy nurses??

    SHOOT EM!.........hee hee
  6. How hard is it to get Mom into a nursing home? , is a great site, not only does it explain medicare and medicaid benefits, but you can go in to the section that says "Nursing Home compare" you can look up nursing homes in your area and it gives you info on each facility i...
  7. WHAT?? NO med cart and NO nurse's station??

    Wow very cool!! Please provide more info!:)
  8. Thats the whole reason I have been stuck being an LPN for 15 years!! I keep saying one day I will go back and get my RN...... But I hate studying more than being dragged behind a car over a mile of broken glass and having alcohol and salt poured ov...
  9. The patient's family members

    If I had a dollar for every time I said "I could do my job so much better if family members would stay out of my way" , I would retire right now!!
  10. Rant: Loopy narcissistic patients

    WOOOOWW!! Tulip ya done good!!!! Heck of a lot better than I would have. Sometimes my temper gets the best of me. Only advise I would give, is I hope you documented all that woman's inappropriate behavior to cover your tail and then report to your s...
  11. I knew it wasn't right while I was doing it...

    Yeah!!! I can't tell you how many RN's I have trained!!! ALSO.... If I take a telephone order I carry it out to the fullest possible extent!
  12. I knew it wasn't right while I was doing it...

    Wow That to me, is Unreal!! I have worked in Ca, Ga, & Fl as an LPN, took T.O. and V.O. carried them out without any problem what so ever! Been doing it for 15 years now and never had a problem!! Now that goes under the thread "nursing petpe...
  13. Im Injections

    Quick dart NOT slow push..
  14. Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    well said......AMEN! :)
  15. Speaking of A/P LOL!

    Very creative Triage!!