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  1. joqu102

    CNA and difficulty finding a job

    Thank you Missingyou, I don't mind the pay, because I really need experience. I will definitely apply at home care agencies.
  2. joqu102

    Newbie CNA shocked "care" given by CNA co-workers!

    Unfortunately, this is very common in LTC facilities. I became certified as a CNA a few months ago and I had major issues during my clinical due to the way some residents were treated. I've seen CNA's who have 20+ years of experience, shove food down residents throat, ignored call lights, disappear off the unit for 15-30 minutes at a time, left their resident's dirty all day, and ignored resident's complains about pain. One day, a wheelchair bound resident asked her CNA to assist her to the bathroom, she left the resident unattended for two hours and became upset when she returned and the resident had defecated on herself. It broke my heart to see some residents being treated this way. I became a CNA to make sure that those who needed my help would receive it and be taken care of to the best of my ability. It saddens me that some of these CNAs cut corners to get the job done. I believe if you have time to disappear off your assigned floor for 30 minutes at a time, then you should be able to devote more time to caring for the residents assigned to you.
  3. joqu102

    CNA and difficulty finding a job

    Hello, I was certified as a CNA a few months ago in NJ and I've been unable to find a job. I have experience as a child care provider and I worked for three years as a caregiver for a dementia patient. I was an unlicensed child care provider and I worked with this family for three years. Since, I've never had a job working in a medical establishment, how can I get employers to take my resume and job application seriously. I've been on five interviews so far and even though the interviews went well, two rehab centers informed me that my work experience was not verifiable. I did provide them with my former employers contact information and any other information they required. I'm so frustrated, because I really want to work as a CNA. How difficult was it for you to land your first CNA job with no experience?