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  1. I didn't say morphine can't decrease respiration, because it does. I told her when a patient is in pain and shows physiological symptoms of pain that the morph...
  2. I work PRN for a local hospice. Recently I had a actively dying patient in a nursing home that was having terminal agitation. I increased his ativan and his agi...
  3. stacyRN11

    New MSN graduate

    I graduated with my master's in nursing last month. I currently work as a staff RN and relief charge nurse in LTAC. While working on my degree my boss said i wo...
  4. stacyRN11

    Moving to Enid - any advice?

    Have you moved to Enid yet?
  5. stacyRN11

    Moving to Enid - any advice?

    Cardiac pick Integris they have the best cardio thoracic surgery, ICU an step down would be glad to have someone with experience. You can put me as a reference ...
  6. stacyRN11

    Moving to Enid - any advice?

    Don't live on the east side of town. Anything bad that happens in Enid happens on the east side. Try to find a house in the west or north part of Enid.
  7. stacyRN11

    Moving to Enid - any advice?

    Hello, I have worked at both and Integris is better at treating their staff. St Mary's is better if you like trauma or othro. What is your speciality?
  8. stacyRN11

    Which EHR do you use at your practice

    How do you like epic, the organization I work at is changing to epic in November.
  9. stacyRN11

    EEK! Any tips before I start my LTC job?

    Hi, I worked in ltc as a CNA,LPN, an RN. I made a folder with important info, falls,elopement, fires, weather, transporting to er, death, standing orders, impor...
  10. stacyRN11

    NOLA pay for MSN, RN-BC

    No one had any advice on which hospitals are the best, and which one to stay away from?
  11. stacyRN11

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    CNA 18 LPN 20 ADN 24 BSN 26 MSN 28 (have less than 6 months left in school)
  12. stacyRN11

    MSN Preceptor Needed!!

    Can you ask your manager about MSNs that are in leadership out management positions. That is what I had to do. Most are happy to be a preceptor
  13. stacyRN11

    NOLA pay for MSN, RN-BC

    Hi, I will be moving to NOLA next year. Is wondering what the pay would be for an RN-BC, MSN. I'm board certified in gerontology and have my masters in nursing ...
  14. stacyRN11

    San Antonio Military Medical Center and Medtrust Staffing

    I know this was posted a year ago but I am wondering how was your experience with medtrust staffing? I applied for a disease management position at the local ba...
  15. stacyRN11

    Anyone worked for brookdale ALF.

    I am currently working nights at the hospital and it is killing me. I need a day time position. In the paper I noticed there was a RN position for a health an w...
  16. stacyRN11

    Any other NOC RN students here?

    I graduated from there in 2011. I liked it, the tests are written by the instructors so you have to learn what it's important to them to pass their tests. Other...