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  1. 265 questions! last question was MATH

    Actually this time I just focused on questions. I did Uworld and I really liked that over all others. I did Kaplan for my first attempt and scored well on the trainers but still failed. So I recommend Uworld.
  2. Failed NCLEX RN 4 times

    Honestly I did several Kaplan, Saunders, NCSBN, and Uworld. I failed my first attempt and hadn't used UWorld. I passed last week on my 2nd attempt and I personally think Uworld helped the most. It's set up to look identical to Nclex and the rationals...
  3. License Posted?

    Thanks! That's where I've been looking. It's still not posted. I took it Thursday and got quick results. Says I passed so just waiting to see my license post.
  4. License Posted?

    Where are you looking for it?
  5. License Posted?

    Anyone in Georgia know how long it takes for your license number to post? And what site is best to check for license posted?
  6. 265 questions! last question was MATH

    REPEATEDLY?!?!! Did I miss something?
  7. Testing tomorrow :-/

    I passed!!!!! Yay!!! Finally an rn!!!
  8. Testing tomorrow :-/

    Well good luck to her too!!! I just checked, it's been 47 hours and no quick results..LOL
  9. Testing tomorrow :-/

    Yes I think it was better than all the others honestly. It was set up most like Nclex and the rationals were awesome! I didn't feel like I got much out of Kaplan. I felt like I was doing good this time around on the exam but I couldn't stop analyzing...
  10. Testing tomorrow :-/

    I did Kaplan the first time. The class and Qbanks along with the Saunders book and LaCharity book also. I have never felt "prepared" mostly because I have major test anxiety. I did great in nursing school but always had anxiety on exams and with ncle...
  11. Testing tomorrow :-/

    Thank you guys!!! I am praying you all are right! This was my 2nd time taking it and the first time I did the trick and it charged my account so I'm trying to think positive!
  12. How long did everything take to post on the Georgia board website? I took mine yesterday and I did the PVT today. Im waiting for my quick results tmrw. But just curious IF I by some crazy luck passed, how long before the Georgia Board will list your ...
  13. NCLEX Yesterday, now the wait...

    I took mine yesterday also...doing the same thing WAITING! I had all 265's killing me waiting! Good Luck to you!!!
  14. 265 questions! last question was MATH

    Okay feeling a little nervous and scared. Retook my NCLEX yesterday, got all 265 questions (last question being MATH) waited over the 24 hours to do the PVT and got the "good" pop up. Used my actual credit card (figured regardless I was going to pay ...
  15. Testing tomorrow :-/

    Okay WELL, I took my test yesterday. Got ALL 265 questions, last question was a math question. Waited over 24 hours to do the PVT and got the "good" pop up. Honestly I don't feel there is any way I passed. Gotta wait til 8am tmrw to do quick results....