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  1. JAustenRN

    Cleveland Clinic Children's

    Okay thanks! I actually already accepted another PICU job in Michigan that I'm really excited about (and is starting soon). I just wasn't sure if I should consider the CCF position/if I was missing an opportunity by not going to the interview. I'll save gas and stick with my gut. Thanks for the input :)
  2. JAustenRN

    Cleveland Clinic Children's

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever worked at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and has any information/opinions on it. I searched this site and many of the comments about CC in general were negative.. but I didn't see anything about the children's hospital specifically (I got an interview invite) Thanks!
  3. JAustenRN

    Lurie Oct 2014 Residency

    Unfortunately I heard back that Lurie has made all it's offers for the CCU positions. I don't know about any of the other units. Congrats on passing your boards!!
  4. JAustenRN

    Venting my feelings out

    I graduated in May too with a really specific ideal job in mind. No one called me for a few months, and about a month ago I got a bunch of calls all at once. I think it was a combination of the fall hiring season coming up and researching some more hospitals. Try broadening your search to other in state and neighbor state hospitals if that's a possibility for you. You can do it! You just need one good job offer :)
  5. JAustenRN

    Lurie Oct 2014 Residency

    When I interviewed they said they would probably get back to me Wednesday but that they are really busy in HR so it wasn't for sure.. But yeah, I haven't heard anything yet either.

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