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sheilagood52 has 25 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Administration, Labor & Delivery.

A nurse turned writer, Sheila holds a masters degree in nursing from the University of South Carolina. A writer of women's fiction, non-fiction essays and short stories, she is a member of the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop and the author of the Blog Cow Pasture Chronicles. Her short stories and essays have been published in numerous online magazines and journals. She currently resides with her husband and beloved Bichon Frisé in Lyman, SC.

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  1. You have expressed beautifully the pain, frustration, and fear experienced by so many. I am in awe that given the circumstances you were so aware and present in both worlds (nurse and family). I am sorry for what you and your family is going through....
  2. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I'm sorry I am not getting your hostility. 1- I have not being going on and on about my "superiority skills and education." Completely false. I felt it appropriate to answer those accusing me of having none. I don't consider my education or experienc...
  3. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Our inpatient dialysis unit was located right in the middle of a med-surg unit. And early in my career, I spent more than a year on med-surgery. Sorry, I left that out, but I'm well aware of the time management, clinical and management skills require...
  4. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Imaginary experience? Fantasy? Your response is inappropriate and inaccurate. My experience is my experience, as is every patient's. Just because you don't like to think it happened, doesn't mean it didn't. I didn't share this article as an exercise ...
  5. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I'm glad things worked out for you and you are in better health. And, thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I am glad you do your best to be thorough and respect. And, believe it or not, I picked up your frustration of being overworked and understaffed. "If I'm trying to hide frustration with a patient, it is ONLY due to simply not having enough time, and ...
  7. The Nurse on the Other Side

    "...I'm sure it affects her outlook and she IS being pretty judgmental." The irony of your response is not lost. I find it extraordinary that bringing an uncomfortable issue out in the open, is ranting. "But maybe that's because I take care NOT to ma...
  8. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Thank you, again for a very succinct summation and for your support for the need to recognize this issue.
  9. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Thanks for clarifying.
  10. The Nurse on the Other Side

    Not a problem. Thanks for clarifying and I agree.
  11. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I agree some and based on the responses to this article, many don't realize their bias. It, nevertheless, exists. The purpose of my article was to bring out for discussion. It was in no way meant to denigrate nurses and the wonderful job they do, mos...
  12. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I agree all nurses can have a lasting impression on today's nurses. The young, inexperienced nurses have always been the most pleasant nurses and I always try to put them at ease. Thanks for participating in this conversation.
  13. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I stand by my experiences and my article. The fact you choose to draw erroneous "conclusions," is something I can't help. I appreciate, however, that whatever one may believe about the issue, I have raised, at least others are discussing it.
  14. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I admit I am completely stumped by your responses. Rather than admit there is a problem, you prefer to attack me, the substance, and validity of my article. And since, you were not present for any of my hospitalizations, or privy to the care I receiv...
  15. The Nurse on the Other Side

    I make no effort to pit my nursing knowledge against those caring for me. But, I disagree with you that patients shouldn't question their plan of treatment. That is their right, and while it may be inconvenient or annoying, a patient response goes a ...