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    3 Questions - Click if you want!

    Thanks so much for all of the detailed responses everyone! I'm checking into Patient Care Technician courses and that looks like something I would be interested in doing for a few years. Maybe I need to put in more thought about the LVN/RN schooling...
  2. ThomasBonifacio

    family issues

    I'm so sorry you're going through this right now. Prayers sent your way.
  3. ThomasBonifacio

    3 Questions - Click if you want!

    Hi All, Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and had lots of good food Just here to get some input again from a few of you. I start school at a community college here in Nevada in early 2015 for my Nurse Assistant Certification. I turn 18 in February of 2015 but just have a few questions...I know that some states use Medication Aides in acute care and long term care and want to know if having the ability to pass medications makes a difference in salary. Are Medication Aides able to push IV Drugs and or start/remove IV's with IV Certification? From what I understand, working as a Medication Aide, is essentially doing the Nursing Assistant work but just having the ability to pass medication, am I correct? I have thought for awhile about this and I just don't see myself spending four years in school to become an R.N. I'm on the fence about becoming an L.V.N. because from what I've heard, it seems like a lot of new grad L.V.N.'s are having problems finding employment in acute care which is where I want to be working. I know that being a Nurse Assistant is very physically and emotionally taxing and I'm most certainly aware that I will never be wealthy with the salary that Nurse Assistants make...However, becoming wealthy was never my goal...My goal is to be the best direct care worker I can possibly be and I'd like to know what type of certifications I can obtain and use only being a C.N.A. I guess the R.N. or L.V.N. route is just not for everyone! Thank you for any programs you guys can recommend me to...AllNurses and all of the people here have really helped me make an informed decision on my career and I think I'm going to be happy with being a direct care worker! :)