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  1. hockey24

    I was ACCEPTED today!!!

    I too left a 20 year career, and stared nursing school at 50! I graduate this June and it was the best decision I have ever made. Good luck to you!!!
  2. hockey24

    Med error during a code

    Thank you for sharing your experience, as a nursing student about to start my practicum in the ER I will be sure to complete my five rights. I know the situations I will be in won't be as stressful as you were in, almost all situations I will encounter will be new and stressful. Thank you again for sharing.
  3. hockey24

    Practicum in the ER

    Hello experienced ER nurses, I will be starting my Sr. Practicum in the ER in two weeks. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Please provide me with any and all advice you are willing to share. I am 52 years young, second degree student, comfortable interacting with patients and their families. Ok ready go!!!! Thank you also if this post should be moved please do so, not sure if I should post here or under the nursing student section.
  4. hockey24

    Starting to see the light

    I am in the same situation, starting my next to last quarter on Monday. I will be completing my practicum in the ER and I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. I completed 12 hour shifts in the ICUlast quarter and they weren't that bad. Try and stay hydrated and bring snacks that can be consumed quickly. I lived on protein bars. Good luck
  5. hockey24

    Newbie student at 50

    I started nursing school at age 50 and will be graduating in June at the young age of 52! I too was worried about my decision to attend nursing school, but I was more afraid of NOT attending nursing school. I couldn't live with not at least trying, and it was the best thing that has happened to me. Yes it is hard, and I have little or no time for myself or my family, but I love it. Younger students in the nursing classes behind me seek me out as their mentor and I take great pride in being able to guide them through the ups and downs of nursing school. I have no doubt you will be great.
  6. hockey24

    Older student/ New nursing student

    I am 52 and just started my final year of nursing school. My cohort ranges from 21-52 and we All get along very well. The advantage we older students have is our life experience, and that's invaluable. Good luck.
  7. I am in my last year of nursing school. We are on the quarter system and I graduate in June!!! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Congrats on staring your last semester.
  8. hockey24

    Scared to start nursing school

    I am in the last year of my BSN program, I am a 2nd degree student and started nursing school at the ripe young age of 50!!!. My advise is the same as most the others, keep up with your reading. The first semester (or quarter depending on your school) is the hardest. You will find your rhythm. Good luck!!
  9. hockey24

    Worried about the rejection from program

    I love your drive and determination, but please remember you are only 22, I was 50 when t decided to start nursing school!! So trust me you have time. If I hadn't got accepted my first try, I had a calendar full of dates when application periods opened up to nursing programs all across the country. If your not opposed to going out of state start researching alternatives now. Good luck!
  10. hockey24

    I think I might have blown a vein?

    When we first practiced IVs on each other I volunteered to let my clinical instructor demonstrate on me, she blew my vein!!! Happens to the best of them. Yes our school allows students to practice IVs on each other as long as an instructor is present in the skills lab.
  11. hockey24


    Hello, can anyone suggest a good web site for studying ECG strips? Maybe a good app I could load onto my iPad do iPhone. Thank you in advance.
  12. Good Morning, I live in Southern Ca. and I was accepted into two Ca. State BSN programs the first time I applied. Both programs admitted students based on academics and TEAS scores as the primary criteria for admittance.If possible attend information sessions and find out if a per-nursing advisor will review your transcripts as I found this to be very helpful. Good luck.
  13. hockey24

    Some advice, I hope it helps.

    Thank you for these words of wisdom. I am beginning my final year of nursing school next week, and should I have a difficult day I will recall this post.
  14. Good day everyone, I am starting my final year of nursing school on Monday Sept. 15th, and will be completing my critical care rotation. I am a little nervous about this rotation and would appreciate any and all advice. I have done well in my previous rotations, but critical care appears as if it could be a bit overwhelming, so please hit me with that advice. I did obtain my ACLS certification even though it was not required so if I was observing a code I would have a greater understanding what was involved in these situations. Thank you and hope everyone has a great day