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  1. peramos12gmail.com

    Call light

    **she has said that we get mad at her for pressing the light.
  2. peramos12gmail.com

    Call light

    i worked at a rehab facility that also has ltc and hospice. i believe removing the call light is against policy. we told her she is keeping us from patients that are in need of care and she has that we get mas at her for pressing the call light and noone likes her. i had to send her out last week for sucidial ideation and she came back three days later.
  3. peramos12gmail.com

    Call light

    she had a psych consult and is on numerous psych meds scheduled and prn. none of which seems to be helping. obviously attention seeking but nothing we have tried to redirect her has worked.when she is up and in the main tv room she is cursing and yelling at staff and when shes in her room she is on her call light constantly. my next step is documenting ever time she presses her light and reason she gave for pressing it and showing her son he is in charge of her care seeing if by him talking to her it might help.
  4. peramos12gmail.com

    Call light

    i have a rehab patient that presses her call light all the time for mostly no good reasons.yesterday i had the cnas and i keep track and it was a total of 48 times she pressed her light.numerous times she took her water and poured into her brief and bed and said she was wet and needed changed.she has mental health issues and is depressed.what can i do to care for her needs but also manage the issue of her continually pressing her light.i have 18 patients which consists of ltc, hospice and rehab and this issues is taking time from me caring from them.
  5. peramos12gmail.com

    New nurse in Rehab./Ltc/Hospice

    yes strict DNR.she is on scheduled ativan , duoneb, morphine and typically a talkative woman.i spoke with the hospice nurse and she just said she has a right to remove her oxygen if she wont wear it at times.also if she seems to be in distress give her some of her prn to assist with the resp.distress.i am a very black and white person.i have a hard time if my role with her care is not clearly spelled out as i am afraid of being considered incompetent. hospice nurse said also to report any changes in her condition which is why i called her out. do you know of any material i can read to feel more confident in what interventions i should and should not do?
  6. peramos12gmail.com

    New nurse in Rehab./Ltc/Hospice

    i have been a nurse for four months and am trying to understand my role as a nurse in a facility with hospice patients. my hospice patients have company's that come out to bath them and nurses to evaluate them twice a week.my patient had a change of condition which i called and reported to the hospice company. she has a hx of copd and her o2 dropped to 73% on 3L of O2. What is my role in her care since she is DNR and on hospice. i am struggling with providing appropriate care without risking that i am not providing enough care.
  7. peramos12gmail.com

    New Rehab nurse

    So by having it all written down it was easier to get it all done in time? I have thought of that and I will try it on my next shift. I work three days in a row 13 to 13 1/2 hour shifts.
  8. peramos12gmail.com

    Struggling New Graduate 😥

    My first job and I was told I need to work on my time management skills. I was taking care of 15 patients in REHAB with no med. Aid. My DON moved me to a different hall where I only have 6 so I can work on my time management skills but this hall has no cna so its all me! They seemed nice about it but I feel like a failure! The worst part is that I still didnt feel like I had free time to catch up on charting during my shift. Any suggestions on how I can improve on my time management?
  9. peramos12gmail.com

    New Rehab nurse

    I have had my lvn license a month and have been working as a rehab nurse three weeks. I have 15 patients with no med aide, so I pass all my own meds. I was told I need to work on my time management skills. I have tried grouping tasks etc. But still dont even have a minute to spare while the other nurses do with the same load. I never get a break and most days get a ten minute lunch. Does anyone have any ideas to help me with my time management??
  10. peramos12gmail.com

    Am I being insensitive? ?

    I can understand your feelings of her not having to go through all the work you have but she does have Cancer. I would just focus on learning all you can and know you will use this knowledge for your whole nursing career. She wont get a unfair advantage when she takes her nclex so if she hasnt earned her license she wont pass.
  11. peramos12gmail.com

    What's the furthest you had to travel for a clinical?

    My clinicals in a hospital was in Oklahoma and I am in texas. It was one hour and forty five min. each way.
  12. peramos12gmail.com

    Moving to Dallas, TX area

    Frisco,garland,mckinney,allen,plano area pay well.
  13. peramos12gmail.com

    LPN/LVN salary for 2013/2014

    New lvn grad first job $22.50 in a Rehabilitation center in dallas area.
  14. peramos12gmail.com

    New lvn and 1st job is rehabilitation

    Ok so 4-6 weeks then. Any ideas on how to help with the transition into my first job?
  15. peramos12gmail.com

    please advise

    Of course a lot of sata questions isnt a guarantee yet if you read the nclex explanation it does state that if the computer thinks the question is more then a 50% chance of getting it wrong it will give you a easier question. Most sata are harder then one answer questions. Yes I agree you shouldn't base the number of sata questions on whether you passed or not.
  16. peramos12gmail.com

    please advise

    I heard a lot of sata questions mean you are doing well. I also heard the pop up trick works but of coarse I wouldnt believe it till its posted on the BON. I got 85 questions and was thrilled and passed.