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  1. Dreamnurse2015

    Mercy College-Toledo 2014-2015

    Thank you so much for replying staormina and Congratulations! I am going to the Orientation on Wednesday. Did you live in Toledo or drove back and forth ? Any recommendations about where to live that is affordable?? I don't kmoe know one there and I want to Move there . Thank you for your help and congrats to you again !
  2. Dreamnurse2015

    Mercy College of Toledo '14

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can share their experience with Mercy college of Toledo. I got accepted into the nursing program and I am so nervous.
  3. Dreamnurse2015

    Mercy College-Toledo 2014-2015

    I got accepted into the Mercy of Toledo BSN program? anyone been in the program ? I am so nervous . please help.
  4. Dreamnurse2015

    Mercy of Toledo...I got in!

    Hello, I know this post is old but i am hoping someone can help me. I got accepted to Mercy of Toledo into the BSN program? anyone been there? can you please share your experiences ? thank you
  5. Dreamnurse2015

    Mercy College-Toledo 2014-2015

    Does anyone know what is their cut off GPA? Any entrance exam for ADN OR BSN? I will be transferring from WCCCD and I do have all most of their prerequisites.

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