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  1. Cheating on the nclex??

    Thank you!!!!! Someone who finally understands my point.
  2. Cheating on the nclex??

    Again please understand by no means was I trying to be prejudice against anyone, I myself do not come from this country and I personally know the struggles of achieving "the American dream". However, there are many areas of South Florida, Miami espe...
  3. 1st LPN job in a prison. Need advice

    Pooky do you work for star 1 ? I know they do alot of the staffing for correctional facilities in south Florida
  4. Cheating on the nclex??

    I may be wrong, if I am then i need some sort of explanation please. Over the last three years I have come in contact with dozens, maybe more, of "nurses" who don't speak a lick of English. How is this possible that they pass the nclex? When I say...
  5. Remedial Courses

    Stay away from capscare.
  6. Dade Medical College

    Ok, well my experience was different from yours
  7. Dade Medical College

    I'm so confused, so your basically saying that the money that was refunded to you was the money for classes you never took. That's not getting your money back. That money was technically never used. I'm looking to get refunded for the money that t...
  8. Dade Medical College

    Who stopped taking your calls dmc or dept of ed? Please please please list all the steps you took to get your money back.
  9. New Grad Job

    Were you ever able to find anything? I'm in south Florida like you and I'm struggling to find a company down here.
  10. s. florida call center

    hello everyone, I'm trying to get into the telephone triage area and i'm having a hard time finding a job in the south Florida area. Can anyone suggest a good company to start with. P.s. I'm a Lpn who just finished rn school. I should have my lic...
  11. Just took nclex - pn

    I did!!!!! I paid for the unofficial results and I passed
  12. Just took nclex - pn

    Its the pearson Vue trick. People say if you've passed the nclex, pearson will block you from rescheduling another test date, but if you've failed it will charge you 200.00 and allow you to continue the process.
  13. Miami/Broward Home Health agencies

    Thank you!!!
  14. Miami/Broward Home Health agencies

    Hi, I'm trying to find out what is the current average pay for lpn's working for home health agencies in the south florida region.
  15. Just took nclex - pn

    Congrats to you as well